re: vincez blah blah blah

meanwhile, i'm lurking around all day, then skating downtown stuart at night.  today i saw a frog.  whoopee!

PS: and by the way, the ticket to the battle of the berrics is now up to almost 5000 dollars.  what. the. fuck.  things like this make me want to cry.  on the site, steve berra made a big deal about donating it all to charity.  but is it just me, or is everything he does make him look more and more douchey?

PPS: quote of the day:

"i don't really carrics."
-jake johnson

Vincez NYC update

Day One:

1) Take commuter bus from Jersey into Port Authority near Penn Station. (Quick Note: never shall I ever ride a commuter bus to work.)

2) Arrive at Billy's place and we head over to the 12th and A park to paint some ramps. We paint them "air force one" blue for a skate event near White House this weekend. Chad Muska, Alex Olson, and Jake Johnson are coming. Planning on giving Muska my demo of freestyles and ill rhymes.

3) Pick up 460 red bulls and sell them to a bodega for cash. On the way through SOHO, almost run over the Gonz while taking a left hand turn. He's wearing a GIANT mushroom looking rasta beanie and yelling.


brian lotti rocks.  the line with the benches, at the 3:35 mark--dude, this was 1991.