dan drehobl had a bad night

wow.  listen to this.  http://www.epiclytrife.com/images/2009/Lowcard29/DrehoblShitOn.mp3

and in the same vein, crailtap's got one of the best couch interviews yet, with joey suriel.  if you don't know who he is, you should.  check it out.


the real o-con

tim o'connor is rad.  the first line--the shove it and the powerslide--pure goodness.

brophy's, 1 a.m.

this is what gainesville does to you.
which is why i'm back in stuart.  let's skate, jensen beachers

the dirt

in honor of james kelch's recent epicly later'ds, here's his part from the real video.  back tails for days!