ny revisited

a great flick.  here's part one, if you're stoked, you can find the second part from the youtube page.  classic NY barging.


so we drove up, picked shawn up from a fancy hotel in jacksonville (he was at a wedding), went to kona, paid, walked outside, and it started raining.  shawn and i ran up to the snake run and bombed it once in the rain, then succumbed.  the end.  but the manager gave us a couple free passes, for our effort.

one car-load of people just up and headed back to gainesville, but we're not so easily defeated, so we scoped out a rad undercover spot.

jacksonville is amazing.  more trips to come.


huge crew heading up to kona today.  basically, we're going to bomb the snake run over and over, all day.  hopefully we fare better this time around.