it's a common, though shunned, practice to re-use a skate song.  my opinion is, if the part it's used in isn't memorable, then who cares?  nobody's gonna reuse 'knights in white satin,' but if the part sucked, let the song have another chance to be used.

but this is something else.  who ever heard of the same guy using the same song twice?!?!?

dropping in

and this is also funny/creepy

austin stephens

one of my sleeper favorites. this is a a great little part.

mandible claw

 mandible claw mandible claw mandible claw, skateboarding skateboarding skateboarding


we hopped the fence into the rio park today.  fun times--like the last time we did it and got caught, and some seriously racist cops arrested will (the dirty cubano) but let me and jon weiss (the whities) off with nothing.

anyway, fogt dropped in backwards on his butt and rolled down the wave.  huh?!?!?