tonight, fogt, flatty and i hit up downtown.  it was fun, we skated a bunch of spots, but no one could get a trick on film.  we'll actually fogt managed to get a ledge trick across the top step of a stair ledge--a hurricane to 5-0 on the bottom step.  hmm......

this is fogt, steezing the FUCK out of a jersey barrier wallie.  too bad the landing broke his board.  for another day...

froston updates!!!

okay, people.  you all know koston quit lakai.  so where is he going?  why, oh why would he do this?

a source of mine spoke to a lakai rep, who gave up the goods.  in this recession, every company--including lakai--is having to make cutbacks.  and since lakai has one of the biggest teams around, they were going to have to cut a few of the smaller-name riders.  lame, huh?

well, koston, since he has a big stake in the company, decided that he'd take the hit.  so he left lakai, so they wouldn't have to pay him anymore.  and where did he go?  who's probably been trying to get him on the team since day one.

the swoosh.  jumpman.  nike.

so, yeah, taking the hit, but he's probably making double the cash.

thanks to koston, they're probably gonna be able to keep dudes like danny brady and lenoce.  yay!

love live the flare

james spence!

i'm going to go on record and say james's footage is my favorite of the video.  All the tricks he does are tricks only he would do/think of, and he skates every type of thing--banks, handrails, pole jams, weird hippy hops, hills--going mach 10.  plus, he's always smiling.

now, james, all we have to do is film more!  be ready....  2009 is the year of the beard.

worst ever

this is how you rob a store.