flight of the conchords is over

i'm sad to say that one my favorite shows is now over. hilarious and perfect--why????

here is a video of when they actually WERE struggling musicians.

tampa pro

billy did the best trick of the contest, a half cab noseslide 270 heel out--the same trick PJ did for his ender in wonderful horrible life. and lutzka, p rod and chaz (who the hell) took top slots. who could've guessed.

no, i wasn't there, i was watching the end of it live on the fuel tv webcast, the best part was seeing scott and shawn calling him, and then seeing him on tv pull out his phone, look down, and ignore it. scott, some friend you are.

yesterday we shot a reel of 8mm film. when i get it developed, we'll see how it turns out. james did a banger for the camera--he jumped over a handicap ramp bar off his board onto a board shawn was holding in midair. and lots of other assorted skateboarding, wallride nollies, etc.

PS never let anybody other than yourself ride your skateboard! snap!

it's cool, jonny. though i know he doesn't have a computer.