holy crap, they killed kenny

south park is back on the air. the first episode of the season was last night, and it was a killer. i was a little worried--the last 2 seasons were slacking--but this one was right on the money. check it out:

i'm on this planet, too! wanna meet up?

i have to admit, as much as i like to support artists i like, and as important it is to do so in these crappy economic times, i do a good bit of music downloading. torrents, etc. anyway, on the torrent sites, you know those pop-ups that are supposed to be people messaging you, saying, hey, i'm in gainesville too, let's get together! i guess the website reads your IP address and has the lady say she's in the same area you are. well, this one below was pretty ridiculous.

damn girl, lemme hit u ups, lolz!!