Parapropalaehoplophorus septentrionalis

look it up.

and watch this. olson, gonz, etc. wait for the mongo ender.


tonight teak and i went to this ramp in a guy's garage, it was amazing. a super fun session, all the stuart homies were there, and this one dude, dan, was maybe the best tranny skater i've ever seen in my life. he was a berserker--going full-blast, doing the craziest reverts and revert-reverts and revert-revert-reverts.... did i mention dave bachinski was there? because nobody cared, because this dude dan was melting the ramp. i wish i had some footage of this guy.

on another note, remember when i scraped my knee away a few months back? well, it's finally healed. but this guy hit my knee with his board tonight, and through my pants, it took a clean slice through the exact same spot. the original scrape had 2 main spots, and this slice is right over one of them it looks strange.

i'm gonna try to get some clips of will and teak while i'm down here, we'll see if i can get these elusive creatures on film.