i left my board in talahassee. AG!!!! jimmy said he's buying me one at westside, but still, today i had to skate on a rainy day board with no tail. and i had fun.

this is alex fogt, jamming the hell out of an almost-vertical pole in a line.

and yeah, the battle of the berrics is over, but that doesn't mean the fun has ended. mandible claw is throwing a gainesville game of skate--$5 entry, cash prizes to the winners. details coming soon.


here's a project i did for my avant-garde film class. the file size was too big for vimeo, so we're back to youtube for now.... and on the blog for some reason the right part of the video is cut off, so watch it on youtube if you want, there'll probably be n HD option there too. enjoy.


i think this is the best video of the year. but that may be because i'm a dog person.

Sleeping Dog Runs Into Wall - Watch more Funny Videos