pete eldridge

i'm not usually a fan of mystery, but pete eldridge is fucking dope. the biggest flatground pop, maybe ever.

the lux

be there tonight, we're airing the full promo and other assorted crap. plus jay lang is a beast on the tables.

the fire

there is a reason i am writing this at 5:20 a.m.

so tonight i was exporting the full promo for fully flailed (it's gonna be shown tomorrow night at the top floor of the lux downtown, be there!), and i get a knock at the door. it's about 12:45. i go answer, and it's my neighbor, amuni. i'm expecting, "have a cup of sugar?" but she says, "my apartment is on fire."

i go out, and inside her front door are flames, a giant wall of fire, blocking everything. i hobble-run (see earlier post) back inside, look for the fire extinguisher, can't find it, run back out, she calls 911, and in a few minutes the fire is shooting out of the ventilation holes in the bricks, and the power to my apartment snaps off, and then the fire truck arrives. (by now i've taken dudley outside, and oblivious to the fire he sniffs at the policemen until they tell me to go to the other side of the parking lot.) everyone is outside, etc. etc. etc. amuni says her dryer started it, and now i'm scared to use my dryer (the same crappy old one she had). eventually the fire is being doused, and the firemen drag the flaming dryer out the door (the actual door itself is now on the sidewalk, where it was tossed, flaming, to be put out). firemen are badass.

so. when everything is done with, i go in with my camera light and help amuni bring out what valuables she can from the apartment, because the back window has blown out onto the street, and the landlord isn't fixing it tonight; instead, he got this dude john to watch over the place all night so no one comes in and steals everything.

which brings me to now. i was woken up a little while ago by MORE knocks. it was john, saying he smelled smoke again, and i came out and shined my light around, and sure enough a small fire was smoldering in a pile of ash and rubble where the dryer used to be. we filled up a couple trashcans with water and dumped it on the rubble, then dragged the pile outside and finished it off. it's raining now; that should make sure it's dead.

so now it is past 5, and my room smell like smoke, and i am awake.