i invented a new trick. i'm not sure what to call it yet. i'm thinking the "heel-clacker vertical nose manual." or am i being too literal?


will and i found this mini today. it's in an abandoned racketball court in the middle of the woods behind an old persons' home. it's mostly rotten, it has PVC coping, the deck is about to fall though--basically, it's awesome. we somehow managed to get a trick or two each on it. wait for the flail, april 1st.

the hour is now

the alien video was everything i was hoping it would be. no spoilers here, but everyone's part, except for dyrdek's and berra's, was amazing. dill killed it to animal collective, and so did jake johnson (that kid is a beast!) and of course, heath kirchart had the ender. you've seen the ad of him kickflipping over a 2-lane street, but wait til you see what else he did over it.

while you're waiting, watch this: