only 3 from the top.


was amazing. it started out with this kid jake, dustin's friend, doing a gigantic ollie--he first had to roll down 3 long steps, clack clack clack, then pop the ollie right away down a long 10 stair. then a couple more spots, then shawn and fogt got tricks on a bank to rail that i don't think anyone has gotten a trick on before, and later, on campus, fogt did one of the craziest tricks i've ever seen on a skateboard. you'll see it eventually. it's a keeper. oh, and somewhere along the line i slid across a whole sidewalk down into the street, ripping apart my pants and taking all the skin and nerves off my knee. the good news is, i can't feel it--no nerves left, yay!

here's a still from one of the spots we went to. alex fogt flailing out.

PS he rolled away.


the contest tonight was stupid. amazing tricks went down, and i have it all on film, but editing it will take too long. it'll be up here sooner or later, but take 3 hours of footage, with tricks landed every few seconds.....

the best part of the whole thing was clyde singleton, yelling 'we love the ladies!' every minute or so.