some wonderful citizen made this:
and then two minutes later, it's this.
"blatant advertising"? sheesh! people today have no sense of humor.


it's happening. in the beginning, when you searched for mandible claw on google, it was nowhere to be found. and then after a while it pooped up on the first search page. and it began to rise. and rise. and now, it's the fourth link from the top.

my goal is to overtake wikipedia.

you will be mine!

bomb countries not hills

as usual watch it HD on vimeo

hill bomb from Colin Read on Vimeo.
and in case you didn't know, i have 2 vimeo accounts. why? with a free account you can only upload one HD video a week--so, i have 2, and i switch back and forth. one account is here: and the other is here:

ch-check it out.