561 to 352

teak's got some footy logged for fully flailed, and let's just say it involves a girl's bicycle and pelvic thrusts. he gets freaky.

i'm off for gainesville again tomorrow. see you all soon. i'm working on getting my ankle back to normal, by which i mean i'm trying really hard not to skate...but nobody's perfect. today will and i skated around out front of my house, and will ended up doing this.

will, ollie out to wallride.

see you soon, everybody. in the meantime, watch the video below this post. and go skate you fuckers!

intergalactic planetary

phone numbers please!

could you all please leave your phone numbers in the comments? i need to get them all again because my phone died.... thanks!

shawn is a turd


this is the best game of skate i have ever seen in my entire life. marc johnson in a god.