new year's eve

new year's eve 16 blocks. teak, brandon, and i got in one last session before the decade ended. have fun and be safe, mandible clawers.

brandon damron, doing one ollie while his eyes are focused on the second gap. expand the picture. fucking awesome.

new years

i've been terribly depressed, and this video that vince sent me mad me pumped. meh on the music, but the hill bomb is the heart of skateboarding.


we went to rio the other morning and will and fogt got some tricks. will, alley-oop side rock.

i do this every morning


once again, the brand with three stripes has made an amazing video. the adidas team killing frisco. watch it.
click dis shit
then click the san francisco vid.

I think it is safe to say that Colin Read, curator of this blog, would love to be able to do something like this on a zip-zinger.

In fact, it may be safe to say that if it involves a zip-zinger then Colin likes it regardless of the trick performed. Do you agree?

blasts from the pasts

so raw!!!!




damn it, man,

i wish i was better at skateboarding.


alex fogt is a mad scientist. i was going to make a post talking about the trick he was trying tonight, but i'm not going to say what it was. i'm going to save it, one, because he hasn't actually landed it yet, and two, it's going to be a surprise in the video to blow all your minds. it's my favorite trick that i've filmed for the whole video.
he landed on a dozen of them, and even rode away once, but his foot came off for a millisecond.

he tried it for an hour, jumping down a 7-stair over and over, and by the end broke his tail and his nose. finally, he had to walk away, but we're going to go back and get it.

any guesses what the trick was? and teak and jake can't guess, because they were there.

xmas day

today, fogt and i managed to get out there and film a little. i'm still super sore, but i can at least hold a camera and push around. fogt got a 50-50 he's had his eye on for 8 years, and did an awesome line at another spot, but i full on fell off my board halfway through a trick, ruining it. sorry, fogt!!!! we'll get it again soon!

also, watch this part of rich adler. it's one of the best parts i've seen in months.

christmas video

ho ho ho

xmas throwaway from Colin Read on Vimeo.

to dante and matty b:

i'm editing your parts right now, and it's coming together very, very well. seriously, well done, chaps. but we need a lot more footage to finish it, so to you two: let's get out there when i get back, and make it as dope as it can be.

PS matt has insane ledge skills. he pulled an arto and nailed down two amazing lines frontside and backside.


merry christmas!

this is one of the gnarlier things out on the internet right now. serious bails. watch it!!!!

PS i watched a recent video of josiah, and he wasn't flaring his back leg anymore. i guess he's a reader of this website.


using his vacation wisely.

perc 10's

so i want to skate. but i can't. but i am down to film. so call me holmeses.

more NYC via Gainesville

Brett's skating makes me smile

NYC represent

Billy's been kicking in Gainesville recently. this is his part in
Shea Gonyo's video AlphaBetCity.


steve wit steez

water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

lurked from corn fritter

pics of days past

die, 360 flips, DIE!!!!!

and pretty much this whole "steeze" thing. it's time we retire the word, kill the unnecessary little flares we do on tricks, and blow up a certain indoor skatepark. NOOO, NICK JENSEN, WHY?????? you're one of my favorites! why, oh why have you jumped on the flamingo flip bandwagon?

this is pretty ridiculous. why? because it's so against his whole style. he has this peculiar little style where he keeps his feet close together on his flips, and doesn't flare out his feet at all. watch him do a kickflip, you'll see what i mean--he just flicks the toe and catches it with both feet, poppy and flat-footed. but this is retarded. he used to do 360 flips proper and caught. now he rides away on one foot. this is one of the worst trends ever. almost worse than the D3.

and then there's the trick tip section on the berrics. they show examples of tricks for kids to copy. well, now they're telling kids that this is the right way to do nollies:

i don't know about you, but that video made me cringe. kenny reed is the only person allowed to do this, and he doesn't actually do it in street, he just does it in that one spot in static 2. but anyway. there's not much cooler than a really high nollie. but this is too much. it's this recent "steeze" fad--trying to poke your tricks out as far as possible. it's the same mindset that brought about the flamingo flip. why can't you just do your trick, natural? they should have picked alex carolino to do this one. but really, i'm glad he keeps away from the berrics, he's one of the few ams actually trying to come up on street nowadays instead of jumping on this exposure machine.

so from now on, we're gonna see kids at skateparks doing nollies and jerking them backwards like idiots. trust me--just wait for it. in a few months all the kids will be jamming their knees together on nollies. you'll see.

PS steve berra, please let us go to the berrics! that ground looks so fun to powerslide!

PPS i really hope borra doesn't come across this blog.

PPPS and before you call me a hypocrite, yes, i visit the berrics site. the skating is mostly good, and the battle of the berrics is great. i like skate footage as much as the next guy. so there. eat me.

PPPPS when you say the letter "p" twice in a row it makes me giggle.

the holidays!

well, the christmas vacation got off to a great start!

just kidding. today i was working on building a new retaining wall with my dad when the steep sand bank i was standing on gave out and i fell off the bank and down into the pit. i smashed my face against a post, then landed on my side on the cross bars. at first i thought i'd shattered my cheekbone, because the whole side of my face went numb. i rolled down the bank to the bottom of the mangroves, and couldn't get up because i couldn't move my right arm. my dad helped me back up the bank, and then i passed out from the pain in my side. i could barely breathe, it felt like there was a knife in my ribs.

well, i went to the hospital, got x-rays and a CAT scan, and some percocet to boot! good news--my ribs aren't broken! they're just severely contused and bruised, and no concussion or anything, just neck and face pain. i'll post a pic up later.

so i guess that means i won't be skating. AG! i'll try to skate as soon as i can!

PS barrier cult!!!

thought this was pretty cool

but i could always be wrong


in stuart. call me.

hesh law!

tonight there was the premiere of hesh law, the creature video, at GSP. sean had a great part, and the barrier cult guys had a full part. deer man of dark woods!!!!! that guy is so fucking insane. nollie bigspin pivot on normal, un-cemented barriers. dude uses some dark magic for sure.

there was also a best trick contest. a lot of stuff went down, and a lot of the stuff done was by members of the mandible claw family. footage from scotty kramer coming soon (basically, scott, i'm asking you to upload the footage to youtube!).

to those in stuart--see you tomorrow!


keeping it classy.

super duper!

alex davis...

... is now on Habitat. this is his part from Last of the Mohicans.

audio visual skate club

everybody go check out fogt's audio visual skate club. classic low-profile skate parts--good stuff. check it in the links.

i got methods

soy and vivien in paris. the scrum tilly lush. amazing.

mike chin

good shit. but in other news, let's skate!


spike jonze, will arnett, and david cross? fucking awesome!!!

ha ha ha, hilarious!

dog hop

took a study break today, walked dudley over to taco bell, and watched jimmy leap over him. dudley is not a small dog.

reminds me of soap shoes

got this off crailtap

nosegrinds and shuvits beware

two birds, one post

jimmmmmmmmmy carlin

360 hardflips? sure, not a problem

PS: fuck yeah on the song, pete and pete is the raddest show


It was this past summer and the secret service let us do it, too. meow.

PS. I think i will always make my post titles capitalized, like a trademark or something.



the new daytona park: gay as all hell

no, just kidding, the park looks amazing. but this made me cry a little bit.

brad sheppard: mandi-claw approved

optical illusion #87

this is made up of rectangles, right? keep looking.


a serious offender

this was on a 360 shove at the tampa am.
when, when will it end?


stumbled on this for the first time in years. one of the best performances of all time. or, well, non-performances. when they were told to lip sync and pretend to play over the backing tracks, they did this. just thought i'd remind you of this clip. hilarious.

filmer skill

so filming is like skating. if you're trying the same thing a hundred times, a couple of those you're bound to mess up. well, add to that that i'm not that good in the first place, and i fuck up all the time. here, fogt lands the trick he tries, an awesome one, and it's out of focus. it was really badly out during the run up, and by the time he landed back on the bank it was in focus, but during the beginning and middle of the trick it's definitely foggy. you can still see what's going on, but i feel like a dick. at least i didn't MISS the trick, and i've definitely done that a couple of times. once, shawn did a manual front 180 to switch manual with a gap in the middle, a really cool trick, and i totally missed it, just didn't press the button in time.



yeah, james so totally has the last part.

remember pearl harbor

with that out of the way, here's a quiz. the first person to get it right gets absolutely nothing.

who first tried to switch flip the love gap? and who landed it?


and i just found out that daniel craig did his own stunts in the bond movies. damn.

chiefland, part two

attention, bitches:

for all you whiners complaining about original content, that's that the screengrabs are for. we're stacking up for one giant diarrheac outpour of original content in the new year. so hold your horses!

PS and i will make a throwaway video as soon as exams are over.


damn it, this spot is a fucking hour away. it sucks. but the spot is great, although really gnarly. anything done on it is pretty impressive. dante did a back 360 on it a long time ago--crazy.

oh yeah, fogt was in town, and james got the best trick of the day. hurrah!