fake steeze

again on the theories site, brian delatorre shows a great display of fake tre flip steeze. but he goes all out with it-- flaring out that back foot to the extreme on 3 flips, switch 3 flips, FAKIE 3 flips (super flare), then he goes on to flare out the shove-it:

and then even a fakie 360 shove, which is shown below, and which looks so fucking stupid i want to cry. just do it natural you turds!!!!! and this is a skater who i like. let back foot flares go the way of small wheels and jncos jeans, please.
hey, i thought of something new: the flare-out varial flip!!! has anyone done this yet? i don't think so. but i bet we'll see one soon. actually, expect one from me--in retaliation, i've been trying to learn all spinning tricks so i just land on my front foot and ride away one-footed, with my back foot still way up in the air. i call it "the josiah."