Sunday, October 25, 2009

things that will not be in the video:

1. M.I.A.
2. time-lapse footage of clouds and streets
3. lifestyle shots
4. smith kickflips (though this one isn't really fair, because if i was good enough to do smith kickflips, i'm sure i would do them all the time)
5. spiders


Steve Cock said...

i'm gonna learn smith kickflips just to spite this post.

today at macba i saw a kid nollie bs flip the keyhole gap and another kid nollie laser flip it. and at parallel i saw a kf nosemanny nollie tre

colin said...

what??? nollie backside flip over the grate and over the ledge, or do you mean rolling on top of the ledge and popping over the gap in the ledge and the other ledge? either way that's insane

Vince said...

today i properly learned rock to fakies on mini-ramp then i saw a DYI "exhibit" at a café where emo teenagers hang out. i win.

colin said...


Steve Cock said...

from on top over the other side, not over the grate, but still. the kid looked like tosh townend and he was amazing. fuckin cali rat. i miss miniramps, but what can you do, i guess i'll go to fondo today