mr. roders' neighborhood

mad style on the catch there, boy. carve in quick off the sidewalk, and making it back down to bomb the hill.

it's autumn!

This is cool

This picture is applicable to this blog, yes.

This drawing is from a blog I've been checking for a while now. It's a guy who's drawing every person in NYC (jokingly) and he posts new drawings on his blog all the time.

who's the best cat in the united states?


some dude

wait for the ender. WOW.


only busenitz crops himself out of photos. click the pic to see the whole thing.


well, i finally went out and registered so now, you don't have to type in the blogspot part. fuckers.

oh yeah, cool site changes soon. meow. if any of you know html let me know.

oh yeah since i'm hurt this is animal week

bible verse of the day!

daily devotion time.

"Then I heard the LORD say to the other men, "Follow him through the city and kill everyone whose forehead is not marked. Show no mercy; have no pity! Kill them all – old and young, girls and women and little children." (Ezekiel 9:5)


seriously though

fuck spiders

Fast as F@#! NO

yes, that's koston.

p.s. Does anyone remember Adam McNatt. Dude was crazy!

cj dixon

in the recent damn am contest, mandible claw friend cj dixon was killing it. wait for the end of the clip. front bigspin front lip.

cooler than you

bible verse of the day:

new section for the claw! here's the first, which i know my friends, the spence bros, are keen to respect.

"You shall not round off the side-growth of your heads nor harm the edges of your beard."
-Leviticus 19:27

song requests

tell me what you want to see happening, boys.

new shiz part II

things that WILL be in the video:

1. a bunch of shitty gainesville spots we have to work our asses off to make skateable and are on the verge of "seriously, you want to skate that?"

things that will not be in the video:

1. M.I.A.
2. time-lapse footage of clouds and streets
3. lifestyle shots
4. smith kickflips (though this one isn't really fair, because if i was good enough to do smith kickflips, i'm sure i would do them all the time)
5. spiders

new shiz

pops and gonz

wait till the end.


PS there is a new author on mandible claw, mr. cornell ritter. welcome!


viera ride shop - erik knudsen

well, i might as well post it. here's erik's part i made for the viera site. the first edit i made was to tom waits and was weird as hell, but erik wanted something a little more normal and more like a "real" video part. well, this is it. note that this is not all of his footage and that this in no way represents his part in the final video.

erik knudsen - viera ride shop from Colin Read on Vimeo.



i've been up all night, spending a ridiculous amount of time editing the silliest 10-second clip ever. but it was worth it. in 2 months, you'll see why the video is called fully flailed.

semi-creepy good-times photo:

cosby sweater

great news.


mr. roder's neighborhood

well, that was quick. it didn't take michael long to come through with a smooth line. big props to the little guy.

the devil's number

just now i got home from backpacking through the snowy virginia mountains. yes, you read that right. mandible claw is a versatile creature. we forded rivers and saw wild ponies. anyway, i got on the internet and this was the number of visits to the site!
so. now that i've dusted the snow from my shoulders, it's skate time again. cory and michael are on their way over to film. all right!

tallahassee, part 3

lance fucking mountain

best part of the new flip video:

the poll

from scott's blog. according to the votes, fully flailed is the best video of the decade. and it hasn't even come out yet! fuck yeah!

cory photo #1

dance dance dance

final gut

the timeline of erik's edited footy, no slow-mo, no filler. all the throwaway tricks have already been taken out. pushing five minutes. meow.

tallahassee, part 1

the weekend was a blast. tons of new spots, followed by crazy nights, followed by late-night hardcore boxing. i have a black eye right now, and will got a split lip. photos from cory's and mike's cameras to come soon. for now, these are some stills from the skating. as usual, erik got as much footage as everyone else put together, but that's not surprising, since he's better than us. ooh, the "sponsored" kid, so cool. fogt, thanks for housing the five of us and bringing us around!

Conan O'Brien

this is old, but it's just another reason why conan is the king of talk shows.


tonight we're off to tallahassee, to skate with this guy:

and hopefully this guy:

aka fogt and wu-tang joe. me, erik, michael, and cory, and maybe more, will be there for the weekend, and will abesada is meeting us there. it should be a good time, meow.

wade speyer

is a fucking lunatic. this part is absolutely insane.


we went back to the new loading dock spot, and erik and shawn each got a line. then erik went and did the craziest ledge line ever. serious, serious stuff, and all while i'm rapping the kanye song from a few posts below. "cuz if you try hard, then you die hard."