theotis beasley

i haven't really seen too much skating from him, but he's one of the nicest people on the planet. i acknowledge that i can be a pretty mean asshole sometimes, and i ride the hate train on occasion. but theotis doesn't have anything bad to say about anybody. watch the interview.

wow. this is a bad one.

they really should have rethought this hand motion.

steve's last trick before he left for spain:

if you read this, steve, post in the comments so we know you're alive.


what a camera hit looks like:
zip-zinging my way to the pavement.

to ni hec

this is an awesome video. why? it is as far apart from the US system of skate videos as you can get. the editing is original, the songs are new, the spots are new, the skating is unique. enjoy.

off to class

here's a gem

scotty kramer

this morning we met up with scott and tried to find some new spots. we were successful. scott put down the photo camera and picked up the video one and shot this footage. erik, grind up and slide down, and me, 50-50 around the corner.


this is an ad from someone is gainesville.

peep this

the old zoo video, peep this, is amazing, one of my favorites. but the sound editing in it is pretty unique. during all the parts, the sound of the skating is at a solid volume when the boards are popping or landing or grinding, but before the pop and after the land, the sound of skating is faded out, leaving just the music. they just let you enjoy the smooth jazz, or hip-hop, or whatever song is on (they're all good). it's funny, in some lines you can see where they forgot to amp up the sound for a trick, and a 3 flip in the middle of a line will be completely silent. i kind of like it.

i feel good

to be posting something of my own instead of reposting some other dumb shit i found on the internet. go me! this is me, filming myself. one-foot ollie.

other news

shawn, boardslide through the slats, and erik, slam of the month.

(shawn had been awake for 48 hours at the time i shot this. a little while afterward, skating the spot in the post below, he just sort of shut down. good work, soldier.)


erik got 2 great lines at a new over-knee high ledge and manual spot. good looks, boy.

look at the front foot in the 2nd picture (180 switch manny). it's got some serious louie barletta thing going on, sticking out sideways, holding to that sucker. notice also, in that still, how grainy it is. my fault. it's not like that in the actual footage, i just messed something up in the editing. carry on.


fully flailed trailer #176 from Colin Read on Vimeo.

new stuff

okay, meow. new videos coming this weekend. promise. i have them made, but there's the exporting, the uploading... i'm like a junkie, jobs with more than 3 steps are just way over my head.


i really hope nobody deletes this.


in my classes i meet way too many "artists" who take avant-garde film and and their own filmmaking way too seriously. the people who made this video must agree with me.

fat bill

one of the best videos yet. black and white as usual, jake johnson as usual. anything from reese forbes is always great, and alex olson has some crazy clips in there too. and oh yeah, reese forbes has does what might be the gnarliest ollie of all time, over a handrail. OVER a handrail. you'll see what i mean.

{stolen from teak}

bad news bears

i am having a bad two weeks. last week, i hurt my knee really bad. i got to skate for one day, and then i got the flu, and then i got a horrible crick in my neck, and then i cut peppers and went pee and my penis felt like it was on fire. so i'm sick, i can't move my neck, and my weiner hurts.

enough!!!! i get the idea already!!!!! i'm supposed to work harder on fully flailed, i get it, just leave me alone!!!


there are a few people that i give a pass to, meaning that i unconditionally like them, no matter how wack or retarded they become. one of those people is chad muska.

even skating in sky-tops and to duran duran, i'm stoked on him. call me crazy.

these guys are definitely tougher than we are.

some rando pulls a gun on someone skating a set and it does not end well for the gunman.

the future

these ads came out in 1993. crazy that they've gotten almost everything right.


well, if you're not in gainesville, there was a massive party at the park on saturday, celebrating steve's upcoming departure for barcelona. finally, he'll be gone!!!! but seriously--steve, we'll all miss you. have fun, buddy.

anyway, at the party, there were a few bands playing, as can be expected. however, one of them was screamo, another one was a middle-aged mexican woman rapping over random tracks, and another was a high-school cover band playing creed. no, seriously. "can you take me hiiiigherrrr?" radical.

i'm sick as a dog right now, but hopefully i'll be better in time for us to have one more giant session before steve leaves.

meow skate

the meow skate blog will be taking off soon, just you wait. thanks, jake, for the photo!

victoria's secret

dude, fake steeze


here's an amazing SNL skit with swayze, probably one of the best skits ever. watch, laugh, and cry.

mike v

it's hard to remember, with all his current gayness, that he used to be cool. that 50-50 from flat is pretty serious.

old stuff

maybe, one day, shawn will come filming with us again. but we can only hope. until that day, this is the last thing he did. gap to front board, pull out.

PS it appears as if he had his arm amputated before coming skating that day.


whooaaa duuude

fakest of steeze

so, we've already addressed the dangle-foot business. but what about the fake ride-away steeze? this week, gareth stehr gives us a good example. this is after landing off of a foot-high box, mind you.

chris cole

hates little kids.

RIP, no. 5

patrick, you'll be missed. maybe you and farrah can synchronize a dance number in heaven, while farrah sings and billy mays heckles the audience. RIP


tic-tac attack

today, on the way home from class, i passed this guy: a fat dude with sunglasses and headphones on, on a wal-mart deck, tic-tacking as fast as he can down the sidewalk. awesome.



the game on the berrics today is the best game ever, and probably will remain the best game ever, ever. just another reason why busenitz is my favorite skater.

PS any respect you could have for jake phelps is now gone. on the most recent SOTY interview on the thrasher site, he pretty much says he doesn't like busenitz, and brushes off the idea of busenitz for skater of the year. do they just hire guys off the street to edit these mags, or what?

go to the deluxe site and watch the new "lost days" video. great skating from everybody, especially busenitz, who finishes the video with a crazy ollie line. "somebody lives in SF!"

things that WILL be present:


things that will not be present in the final video

this will be an ongoing list. here are the preliminary entries.

2. 50-50 kickflips out/ any flip trick out (ew)
3. excessive ledge dancing (lipslide to 5-0 to tail to shove to...)
4. did I mention MGMT?
5. fake film burns
6. time-lapse footage of "lifestyle" shots
7-12. i've deleted these after typing, because i don't want to hurt people's feelings, everyone has told me i need to try to be nicer.

don't copy that floppy!

this is the worst ad for anti-piracy ever. it makes me want to pirate everything i can.

nothing but class

reed, timeless.

theories of atlantis.

from josh stewart's game of skate series. it seems not even florida's own brian delatorre is immune to the trendy dangle-foot.



i guarantee that this will instantly make you want to skate.

dennis busenitz's hill bomber!

deluxe has a couple 8-bit games up on their site. they're hard! can any of your beat this one?

mystery water

yesterday, this crazy old black dude came up to us and said, "man, you know about them haaaardflips?" fully insane. he rambled on about being sponsored by thrasher, and having a mike v habitat board. and then he grabbed a board and fully ripped. i got this epic shot of him.

he logged 3 clips of weird old school fingerflips and handstands. awesome. you never know who secretly skates.

EDIT: in case you were wondering what he looks like:

Road Trip Material:

Exhibit A
Name: Salvation Mountain
Location: Mojave Desert, California
Type: Monument


i have nothing to report. no funny animals, skate videos, or rants today. sorry.

seriously, F the police

stuff like this makes me hopping mad. i am hopping up and down as i write this, i'm making a lot of typos.


tweet tweet tweet

in no way do i condone or use twitter, but i'm considering it just to be friends with this guy:

his first post, no lie:

"I just joined Twitter! I don't really get this site or how it works. My nuts are on fire."

i instantly love this company

get off the steps!!!!

this is actually about people getting kicked out of a spot for rollerblading, not skating, but try to look past that. this woman is BONKERS.


"you've been yelled at!"
damn, you got me there, lady.

wtf race

thanks steve for the link

16 blocks

from the 561 site. the video's gonna be great. get hyped.