younited nations

so, i found someone else's entry for the berrics thing. good tricks, but boring. oh, and since it's on youtube, it's disqualified, i suppose. but anyway.

skip to the last trick, taylor caruso doing the lowes gap. damn.

tough muthas

gang signs, yo
note: the real footage isn't really this dark. importing them on imovie makes them darker--it raises the gamma--and in final cut i lower it again, and it's all light and good and normal. meowwwww

PS the heelflip matty does over the gap after this gangster crouch is thigh-high. dude's got pop.

dance revolution

our party was just like this.

Best Break Dancers Of All Time - Watch more Funny Videos


with slap's OIAM contest starting, i hope el vortex is in it again. best masked skater of all time.

it's how i want to pray, it's how i want to live my life, play the bloody knuckles, everything.

happy b-day to meeeee

for those of you who came out tonight, it was an amazing time. people had some great costumes: my dog dudley, john lennon and yoko, a goth, a man-lady, an indian (the bow-and-arrow kind), a moustachioed construction worker (who opened his beers with a wrench), and a very, very creepy grown baby-lady. dante, your piggy-back rides hurt my thighs. we showed the berrics video there, to great applause and multiple encores, followed by an endless dance party.

anywho. more berrics reporting: pudwill vs. gonzales was the best game so far. torey pudwill pops every trick over knee high. gigantic.

in other news, it's 4 a.m., and i'm tired. night.

gou miyagi!!!!

gou has a new interview with sequences on slap!!!! it's ridiculous. 50-50 to boneless to one-foot bluntslide to front rock... ?????



so, per your request, i made the video and sent it in to the folks at the most famous skate park in the world. it's pretty much a clusterfuck--the incredible hulk, eight songs, dancing animated heads, pokémon, playgrounds, music videos.... did i mention it's under four minutes long? now you're getting the idea.

so i hate to admit it, as cool and underground as i try to be, but i'd be stoked if they picked it as one of the ten to show on the site. not for the skateboarding, but for the sheer absurdity. we will see.


always good to see something from this guy. the first fall is bananas. b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

role models

guessing game

what do these two things have in common?

they'd be both be great in an edit. hmmm....

knudey boy

erik's been a wrecking ball lately. two 30-second lines, and four tricks over a downhill, 8-foot flat gap within a few days. steve spence has been laying down a few tricks, too, shawn and dante too. good looks, everybody.


america sucks. we don't do anything like this in sports games.
Flying Kick Knocks Out Soccer Player - Watch more Funny Videos

best tattoo EVER

bowser, wearing sunglasses, riding a wave, playing a double-necked guitar, in front of a pot leaf, in front of a cross. YES.

sheer genius.

these guys are geniuses. their business? a group of all-atheist pet watchers for christian pet owners, so when the rapture happens and all the christians are taken away, these people can come take care of your pet. amazing. the site says they have clients in over 20 states already. seriously, who has the balls to do this? convince someone to pay you for something, while you tell them that you don't believe the circumstance could ever happen?

check out the FAQs. here's a great one:

"If subscriber loses his/her faith and/or the Rapture occurs and subscriber is not Raptured (aka is "left behind") EE-BP disclaims any liability; no refund will be tendered."

blowin it

one of the comments for this video says something like: "if i ever see him in person i'm going to poop on him." i couldn't agree more.


Dear Colin,

On behalf of all those who enjoy Mandible Claw and its blog, I hereby request that you at least make 2 posts daily (1 skateboard related, 1 random). If you don't, me, and others like me, will run out of things to do on the internet. 

Thank you,
Vince Canger

36...cheshire cat

in other, AWESOME news, steven seagal is going to have a TV show where he goes around with cops, AS an actual cop, busting asses.... “I’ve been working as an officer in Jefferson Parish for two decades under most people’s radar… I’ve decided to work with A&E on this series now because I believe it’s important to show the nation all the positive work being accomplished here in Louisiana; to see the passion and commitment that comes from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in this post-Katrina environment."

...and he's already been doing this secretly for a while now. every once in a while, reality just outdoes itself.

may 1965

new header

photo, which i lurked, is by wu-tang joe. awesome.

hammerz and nailz zzzzzz

well, shit. i was trying to finish the whole video without anyone doing a trick down a single stair set, but today it got all fucked up. dudes did some tricks on a gap to planter ledge. well, it was only down a two-stair. but those are still stairs!

don't worry, i'll just edit out the stairs and replace them with...kittens?

so cool

on a related note, i just realized that captain planet was pure environmentalist propaganda. dude, i loved captain planet. it was like 20 years ahead of this whole "green" fad.

fruit stripe

the commercial was so cool, but really, the gum was terrible. it just sort of died in your mouth.

this would be cool on flat

but down this!??


go to the thrasher site right now and watch the old drehobl part. one of the best parts ever. "chicken cow!"


While Colin has been working on the final release of "Fully Flailed," whether some of you knew it or not, I've been working behind the scenes on my own part. Nonetheless, I work for the greater good of the Mandi-Claw, Blog, and its associates, but still, most would consider me the MAGIC MAKER. That's why my part in the video contains these key features:

1) a 20 minute total run-time
2) 6 song accompaniment
3) no bangers, bangerz (there's a difference), or "hard-hitters"
4) an "extras" cue (Blue-Ray version only) which takes you straight to my behind the scenes footage
5) another "extras" cue (HDDVD version only) which takes you to a completely slo-mo'ed version of my part
6) yet another "extras" cue (LASER DISC version only) which takes you straight back to 1993
and last but not least,
7) a full frontal shot of my naked wang

I'm sure you will all enjoy.


p.s. In typical Mandi-blog fashion, here's the proof:


i swear to you that by 1:22 you will be laughing your ass off.

oh mr. berra, thank you for this gem.

it's almost as good as this:
you guys are blowing it with submitting worst video part entries. you suck.

here's another horrible one

16 blocks

got some clips at the flat gap by publix tonight with flatty and mr. james. then we stacked crates in back of the publix like when we were kids. somehow we put together a knee-high box that didn't slide around, and skated it for a long, long time. ah, youth....


final flail--trailer from Colin Read on Vimeo.


trailer for the final video--the final flail, dare i say?--coming in the morning.

all the homies!

random but awesome. koki and chimmy--and john--featured on the transworld site. go d00ds

last day!

tomorrow night is my last night here.  so--we're skating.  got it (i'm talking to you, mr. leasor)?

simply amazing

this will make your day better

berrics lurkage

once again, reporting on the internet slum that is the berrics.  i like these games of skate.

i was pumped that the stereo ad used the seeds for benny fairfax's song.  all of those have been awesome (except for turdface josiah's).  i was not pumped that greg lutzka skated 3 miles and hour and won.  (although even i will give him his dues for that front 360 kickflip.  3 times in a row?)


awesome comic.  i can't figure out what it possibly means, but whatever.

rant #617

the coverage of the dew tour makes me want to throw up, and no, not because i'm mad about the commercialization of skating, or about getting away from street, or anything like that...

reason 1:  the footage is mostly shot by chris ray, whose filming makes me die a little inside.  after every single shot, he whips the camera down to the ground, or into the sky, or basically anywhere off the skating.  i mean, dude--i'm not even a very good filmer.  but get that shit under control.  these guys--chris ray, jason hernandez, all those fuckers--they take their filming overboard.  they try to make EVERYTHING artsy; why not just show the skating, huh?  bleck.

reason 2:  have you seen the fake graffiti all over the park obstacles?  really, who are they trying to fool?

reason 3:  tonight i watched 2 minutes of someone skating before i realized it wasn't actually scheckler, who i thought i was watching, but chaz ortiz.  the kid is a sheckler-clone sent back in time to replace ryan with a more ethnically-diverse version.

reason 4:  okay, i lied.  fuck the contest tour.

one thing that was bad ass: adam dyet, who i don't even like at all, did a crazy rodeo flip from a giant vert wall into a bank.  he was upside-down!  he just gained a lot of points in my book.

transworld skateboarding--a look back

i've been looking through all my old magazines, and pulled out the transworld for january of 03, meaning it was released in november of 02.  the transworlds back then were as big as novels.

i'm not kidding.

looking back, it's funny to see what things have changed:


and what things will never change.

all hail!
for those saying "pappalardo has changed recently!"
this is 7 years ago.  back tail in new york.
nate jones's style is impeccable.

keenan, RIP.

so yeah.  time weeds out those who can't cut it.  there were plenty of ads with pat rakestraw, anthony mosely, chet thomas, ragdoll, etc.  meanwhile, there's a picture of carroll doing a feeble that could have been taken yesterday.  some dudes just have it; some styles are timeless.  like mandible claw.

hikky burr

this song IS gonna be in fully flailed.  who's claiming it?  steve?

erik's berriks

erik proposed the idea that i put together a video for the contest that the berrics is apparently having.  if enough of you say, yes!, then i'll do it, if more say, ugh, then i won't.  you decide.

in related news, i though the transworld site was bad when they had the UFC banner ads.  well, it's gotten worse.  go look.

the essence of mandible claw


tonight was all sorts of strange.  j henry and i met up and headed downtown, only to find maybe 12 kids skating the 2-stair.  it was retarded.  damron was there, and soon all the kids left and it was just the three of us, and brandon battled a banger for a while before getting it perfect; jason got all weird and hopped from stair to stair.  oh, and a baby was hanging from a tree.

16 blocks!

dear mr. cool,

please be my new best friend.

fully flailed

the editing is getting silly.  i'm done with serious.  this is way more fun.

don't worry, we've been skating too.

i'm here for about a week more, and then i'm headed up to gainesville.  so fogt, will, teak, etc., let's get shit done!  gainesvillains: see you soon, everybody!


okay, guys, new contest.  this is a good one, and i want a bunch of entries.  what i want to see is the worst video part of all time.

that's a good example of what i'm looking for.  track pants, ghost-motion, ollieing over a DJ... huh?

let's get this going.  post your entry in the comments, and if possible, attach the link to the clip, if it's youtube or whatnot.  i don't know the prize yet, but i'll keep you posted.


mandible ghost

by alex fogt.  "you can't kill me, i'm already dead!"


and the winner is...

dennis busenitz!

congratulations, dennis!  you can pick up your award at...  but seriously, we all know he's doing it best right now.  i'm calling it.  SOTY, 2009.  if he doesn't win, phelps, i'm coming for you.

nick trapasso

i really like watching nick trapasso skate.  he's smooth, and doesn't seem like he's trying, or that he even gives a fuck.  also, he's a dead ringer for bob dylan, which gives him a lot of points.

16 blockin

5 day's worth of stuff.  downtown and willoughby.
remember the tattoo i was talking about?

fogt between a blunt and a noseblunt
will's karate classes must be paying off.  he landed this one.