set up the zip zinger today, ready to roll.  i've been taking a break since i got back, but i'm ready to roll again.  let's hit the streets.

in other news, transworld is making me kick in my computer screen.  why?  for one, they used MGMT again in the new TWS video, and i've sworn on multiple occasions that if one more skate flick uses them, i will destroy whatever screen i'm watching it on.  two, the video sticks so closely to the now well-established "transworld formula," using tons of "lifestyle shots," tons of stupid transitions, lots of reaction shots--the skater smiling, hee hee, how fun!--badly-matched music, lots of fast-motion... basically, i think i hate jason hernandez, or whoever is making all these movies.  damn.  sorry, i had to get that out.

PS bobby worrest has a rad part, as usual.