and the winner is....

jason dill!

getgnarly666, whoever that is, wins:  being totally gay!

har har har

but seriously, what the hell?  there's another pic of him, but i won't post it here, it's full on him naked with another dude, both smiling.

PS this weekend at the berrics, it's cory kennedy vs. kalis.  i don't know much about kennedy except that he's another one of these little-kid heros, so i'm assuming he'll be rocking the '17-and-under' tre flips (thanks teak for the name).  if so, it will be a true display of the crap way vs. the proper way--because we all know kalis has the best 360 flips there are.


My ego took a vacation

Steve Rodriguez ain't got nothing on me:

guess the skater!

guess which skater! first right answer wins a special award.


mad funny, yo


16 blocks

teak got a trick!  teak got a trick!  teak got a trick!

this is from corn's old video.  check the awesome song choice.  {{edit: sarcasm!}}  in the youtube comments someone says, "i know this dude jeremy that named his dog after this guy."  that's pretty rad, right there.

don't carrics

just kidding.  i do watch the battle of the berrics--they've got some legends in there this time.  so today, i want to tell you why cairo foster is better than josiah whoozuwhatzits, using this game of skate.  this will be one of the most comprehensive posts in the recent past.

reason 1. 360 flips.  cairo's got them clean and proper and stomped, and that stupid kid does them with the fakeness i was talking about a few weeks ago.  lame, obviously calculated back foot flare-out.  see below for further evidence.

the good:
the bad (and the ugly):
reason 2. front shoves.  the same thing as above.  josiah's wack flare-out.

reason 3. who the shit voted this kid into the game?  is he some sort of little-kid role model?  i want to see  gonz.

reason 4. 'the reason.'  (youtube took down the song, so i won't post the link.  we need to kill warner media.)

extreme rice!

i've been trying to hold back with posting dumb crap, but for some reason i laughed my ass off at this.  666 was the best part.  beware, it's really dumb.  and then there's one that can't be real, or this kid should be in a hospital.

How to Make Extreme Rice - Watch more Funny Videos


set up the zip zinger today, ready to roll.  i've been taking a break since i got back, but i'm ready to roll again.  let's hit the streets.

in other news, transworld is making me kick in my computer screen.  why?  for one, they used MGMT again in the new TWS video, and i've sworn on multiple occasions that if one more skate flick uses them, i will destroy whatever screen i'm watching it on.  two, the video sticks so closely to the now well-established "transworld formula," using tons of "lifestyle shots," tons of stupid transitions, lots of reaction shots--the skater smiling, hee hee, how fun!--badly-matched music, lots of fast-motion... basically, i think i hate jason hernandez, or whoever is making all these movies.  damn.  sorry, i had to get that out.

PS bobby worrest has a rad part, as usual.

sugar, baby

back in the 561

let's break it down

Praize tha Byrdman

last day

a super-productive and fun day.  we skated along the south seaport and found a bunch of spots, where vince filmed 3 lines and a hell of a frontside wallride.  tomorrow morning i head to the airport for the plane home.  it's been awesome.  thanks, billy, for letting me lurk!

wu tang

because i'm a nerd.

today, after a guy kicked us out of a spot, a dude across the street was telling us how he was glad we were out there, 'progressing our talents.'  he told us it was good to develop every talent we had, so we'd be better off in the afterlife.  then he said it--the quote of the week.

"smile, my friend--you are immortal."


i'll be home saturday.  see you then.  hopefully it's dry enough tomorrow for us to skate.  til then--meow.


please ignore this post!

rain, rain

today we skated around for 3 or 4 miles through brooklyn, through the hasidic jew section, where all the men wear top hats and all the women--ALL of them--push baby strollers in front of them.  we found a couple cool spots and got a couple clips before it started raining too hard to skate.  hopefully we can get some more later tonight.  huzzah.

live from vegas

good stuff.  i'm down for the ipath dudes.

skateboarding is hard

dude, these spots are incredibly hard.  the first picture, that spot is ridiculous.  you have like a foot-wide run-up, and you have to cut in right after a pole, and it's basically just really really difficult.  i tried really hard to do a 50-50, and then raymond molinar started getting into switch flip front noseslides no problem.  no big deal.

grinds, ollies, fakies and flip-kicks

billy's heading out today to go skate in the dew tour.  so cheer for him!

here's an article about his skate PE program.  why do interviewers have to be retarded?


by the way, this is fucking impossible.  seriously.

night 3

tonight, vince and i skated to spot under a bridge, the one with the quick-creted pillars.  vince got two tricks on film, and then we scoped out the surrounding area and found a couple spots to come back to tomorrow night.  and billy gave me a gonz shirt they only sell in japan.  rad!

bobby's world

today we skated the brooklyn banks with bobby puleo.  epic!  we found a super-crusty brick quarterpipe, got some tricks, and moved on.  i wish i could show you some pictures, but i don't have a digital camera or a camera phone or anything, and i didn't bring a firewire to upload from the video camera.  so we'll have to wait.  we're gonna try to skate some more tonight.  will let you know.

best movie ending ever

bad news bears

camera's broken. quads pulled.  waaaaaaaaaa!

though i'm fanagling the camera into working, i'll give you a full breakdown of what happened later.  but we're working through it.  today we went to coney island and ate onion rings.  vince ollied that checkered bank gap.  word up.  see you later.

real life lebowski moment

click for story
"this is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass, larry!"

en why sea

i'm here. today we skated a couple parks and went to the brooklyn banks. vince did a HUGE frontside wallride, and rolled away from a couple kickflip wallrides before slipping out every time. those bricks are slick, and the banks are steep. after that we went to the park under the bridge, where steve rodriguez was pushing around full speed, front boarding the shit out of ledges.


bye bye

RIP, no. 4

once again, america has lost an icon.  walter cronkite died today.  he was 92 years old.

he was called the most trusted man in the world. goodbye, friend. "that's the way it is."

This is a true story:

Man Dies in Vat of Chocolate

1, 2, ready...

Chubby Kid Teaches Skateboard Ollies - Watch more Funny Videos

heading to the airport saturday morning.  see you on the other side.


erik's filmed 40 seconds of really good tricks in the last 4 days.  all keeper footage.  i'd say he does pretty well for himself for a man missing a finger.

this is him, about to execute a spinning maneuver.


mortal kombat

dante has the most madness i've ever seen.  before every try, he'd go, "mortal kombat!  everybody.  1, 2, 3, mortal combat!"  and made everyone else yell it too.  but oh well, he got the line.  2:30 a.m.

EDIT: earlier, i made the 'mortal' mistake of spelling kombat with a C, not a K.  i'm sorry, everyone.  it won't happen again.


we were out skating til 3:30 in the morning.  multiple carloads of people rolling into spots, all the homeys, night filming.  so much fun.  i'll upload the evidence tomorrow.  now, i'm going to sleep, to wake up early to skate this pool....

steve spence is a mongoloid, pt. 2

he was across the street, waiting to go, unaware he was being filmed.  weirdo.


massive ollie into the bank, and 50-50 180 out.  steve spence and erik.

in gainesville

til wednesday.  erik got a banger today--a wheely and a flip and another wheely.  woo hoo!

call me if you're here, we'll skate.  and if your name is the legend, get your shit together and come over!