off to the tropics.

back in a few days. bye bye!

Politick-talk. Meow.

Hey. So I know politics don't grace the mandy-claw pages too often, but subjects of embarrassment and ridicule often do. And this quote from the Iranian President, where he basically accuses Obama of being an inexperienced softy, is just too ridiculous to not share:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: "To take such a rude tone with a great nation, this is inexcusable. We understand that you're still gaining experience and you're still trying to work out what's hot and what's cold. And I want to give you a bit of friendly advice: we don't want to see a repetition of the mess that was created during the Bush era, and we don't want to see the same thing happening to a new administration in the United States."

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on a lighter note, watch a sloth crossing a road!

something is missing here

but i can't quite put my finger on it...

PS michael jackson had the same birthday as me.  so, come my birthday, it will obviously be a michael jackson-themed party.  be ready.

michael jackson

today is a sad day.  michael jackson just died of a heart attack.  say what you will, i always thought he was rad--he made thriller!  nobody could dance like him.


re: vincez blah blah blah

meanwhile, i'm lurking around all day, then skating downtown stuart at night.  today i saw a frog.  whoopee!

PS: and by the way, the ticket to the battle of the berrics is now up to almost 5000 dollars.  what. the. fuck.  things like this make me want to cry.  on the site, steve berra made a big deal about donating it all to charity.  but is it just me, or is everything he does make him look more and more douchey?

PPS: quote of the day:

"i don't really carrics."
-jake johnson

Vincez NYC update

Day One:

1) Take commuter bus from Jersey into Port Authority near Penn Station. (Quick Note: never shall I ever ride a commuter bus to work.)

2) Arrive at Billy's place and we head over to the 12th and A park to paint some ramps. We paint them "air force one" blue for a skate event near White House this weekend. Chad Muska, Alex Olson, and Jake Johnson are coming. Planning on giving Muska my demo of freestyles and ill rhymes.

3) Pick up 460 red bulls and sell them to a bodega for cash. On the way through SOHO, almost run over the Gonz while taking a left hand turn. He's wearing a GIANT mushroom looking rasta beanie and yelling.


brian lotti rocks.  the line with the benches, at the 3:35 mark--dude, this was 1991.

THIS is skateboarding

UPDATE: on the other side of the scale, there are kids in america who are willing to pay 500 dollars to skate a fucking skatepark.

that's the current bid for a seat at the berrics's next game of skate.  i can just see it--"daaaaaaad, can't we pleeeaaaase go up to 1200 dollars?  pleeeeaaassse?"  "well, shucks, son, we'll have to tell your sister to wait another week for her boob job, but okay."

ees bruno!

out soon!


it's hit over 100 for the last 3 days in a row.  walking outside makes you sweat.  this is a bad time to ride skateboards.



classic footage.  loki's line at the end is amazing.

soon to be R.I.P.

the ft pierce golf course is in its last days, folks.  2 days ago, when we were there, they were tearing down the main building with a bulldozer.  but not all is bad--taylor got a banger.  the girl knows how to skate.get some while you still can!

re: hot town

by the way, everybody, with the sudden, tragic death of hot town, vince has taken up temporary residence at mandible claw, where he can let out his grieving through witty, informational posts.  please let him into your hearts.


Yes, this is Tony Hawk manual-ing through the halls of the White House. There should be an award for this kind of thing

mike tyson

i envy this guy.  i know that, everything he says, he knows is true.  these are some of the things that he's said:

"i could feel his muscle tissues collapse under my force.  it's ludicrous these mortals even attempt to enter my realm."

"i want to rip out his heart and feed it to lennox lewis.  i want to kill people.  i want to rip their stomachs out and eat their children."

"my biggest weakness is my sensitivity.  i am too sensitive a person."

"i just want to conquer people and their souls."

"i try to catch them right on the tip of his nose, because i try to punch the bone into the brain."

with confidence like this, you could almost convince others of how not-insane you are.  (see the charles manson posts from the previous months.)  "do you feel pain, are you mad, do youo blogga flabba jamma, bear-rammage, biggle floozie jamma..."

What now?


Please see this post. Our deepest condolences -- RIP.

the claw!

i want to make a photo album of me where every picture is of me taken next to a person i've just stabbed for no reason.  the faces would be PRICELESS!

the scrum tilly lush!

i've been waiting for this flick for a while.  all super 8, all awesome.  here's nick jensen's part.  rad!


sorry for the youtube craze.  it'll be out of my system soon, i promise.

anyway, if you've seen the shining, this is awesome.

fucking awesome

this is pretty much the best video i've ever seen in my whole life.


please disregard this post.


"shot on film"

following the last post...

so i'm of the mindset that video blows.  yeah, HD is cool and looks good--i use it--but when held up against film, even 8mm, digital video just comes up short.  no depth, no warmth.  so with that in mind, watch enjoi do it right.

louie louie

mr. barletta in his pre-bowlcut days.

fuck you, youtube!

ACK!  i got copyrighted!  they took the music form some of the old-old youtube clips.  those bastards.  how dare they stop me from stealing?

dan drehobl had a bad night

wow.  listen to this.

and in the same vein, crailtap's got one of the best couch interviews yet, with joey suriel.  if you don't know who he is, you should.  check it out.


the real o-con

tim o'connor is rad.  the first line--the shove it and the powerslide--pure goodness.

brophy's, 1 a.m.

this is what gainesville does to you.
which is why i'm back in stuart.  let's skate, jensen beachers

the dirt

in honor of james kelch's recent epicly later'ds, here's his part from the real video.  back tails for days!

vintage MC

one of the first mandible claw videos.  check it out.  steve is good at manuals.

this is my sister.

who would've guessed.

matt hensley

coming up on 20 years ago, and he's still better than you.

back to the grind


"hi, my name is binky"

glad to hear sheffey is back. hope to see a part from him soon.

and in following, i have to post pat duffy's part. you've seen it. watch it again. legendary.

when i met him last summer, i totally fanned out. you can't blame me. he's PAT DUFFY.

lem villemin

the best videos are the ones that come unannounced.  adidas's new european (plus busenitz, as seen yesterday) flick, 'diagonal,' is a case in point.  lem villemin comes through like a champ.  mandible claw-approved.

come on, yo!

before reda had a wednesday.


apparently he's doing lots of up-grinds.

new busenitz part

hands-down, one of the best parts i've ever seen.  SOTY, 2010.

and by the way, the ollie at the end is not physically possible. no damn way.

PS i think whoever films busenitz should be paid way more than he is.

dress a sheckler

get your gay on

PS i forgot about this, vince's casper thingy is wild


krooked has their online catalog up.  great stuff.  gonz has an interview that is possibly the most serious thing he's ever done.  click the video link on the bottom.