there is a fucking bee flying around my room right now.  i just yelled, die, bee! and slapped the shit out of it.  huzzah!


whatever happened to him?  he was in that one red bull video contest, then disappeared again.

anyway, this part is amazing.  if it came out today it would be just as memorable.  welcome to hell.

news from the battlefront

ben fisher?!?!?

this dude ben fisher has a part on the berrics right now, and it's the best thing that's ever been on that website.  watch it.  this dude is fucking real.


go to google.com.  in the search bar, type in the words, "what are" so autofill comes up.  what's the first suggestion?

all hail cardiel

a few weeks ago, steve told fogt he couldn't believe he'd gone for a trick that was super sketched out, and fogt said, "why would you not try to land a trick?" i like that a lot.


go here and click on the video circle in the bottom right side that says busenitz.  ridiculous.

hot town take over part 5


wrong holiday, i know

korea is fucked

why are the 'north' countries always the bad ones?  north vietnam, north korea, north america....  so now north korea has tested another nuclear bomb, they've restarted a shut-down nuclear reactor, and are threatening their southern counterparts with missiles if they search any of their ships.  basically, asking for another cold war.

and did you know that kim jong il is a film theoretician?  he's written books.  huh?


new spots

a fun new spot.  kyle, gap to noseblunt.

we've been ducking out in between rainstorms to find new spots downtown.  i've logged a bunch.  hopefully we'll have a chance to film more soon.

and that's will's head, after his first ollie of the night a week ago.  bummer high.

greg hunt

tincan folklore


if only it would ever stop raining, we could do this again


fogt has a new blog.  he has art on it.  wa wa wee wa!

kentucky is for lovers

and hat

there's the graphic on a shirt too.  i'm really stoked on this one.  it's almost cooler than this guy--

new shi(r)t!

this is a shirt in the store.  get some!

leo romero

you all know i'm definitely not down with the tight pants/handrail craze.  but leo rocketed himself onto my new favorites list with the grind up the rail, and the rest of that crazy interview.  this new part shows why i like him--SUPER long grinds, fast as hell, and janis joplin.  enjoy.


shawn, bs flip stick moments before a downpour.

my day

wednesdays with the gonz

the berrics has a good one up.  fully gonzo.  check it out.


okay.  we are now officially in the merch business.  buy your MC shirts (and more to come) here:

the first shirt is designed by vince.  no, i haven't asked his permission to use it, so i'll give him a buck or two out of my pocket for every one of these shirts sold.  let's get this shit going!

recent stuff

3 wolves?!?!?

trust me on this one, and go here:


and read the customer reviews.  they are amazing!

they range from this--

Thank god theres nothing on the back!May 15, 2009
By K. Scott (Chicago, IL United States) - See all my reviews
I'm glad theres nothing on the back of this shirt, otherwise my mullet might be covering up a wolf, and I just don't know how I would handle having to decide between my mullet and another wolf on this shirt.

--to insane, pages-long stories.  have fun.

ny revisited

a great flick.  here's part one, if you're stoked, you can find the second part from the youtube page.  classic NY barging.


so we drove up, picked shawn up from a fancy hotel in jacksonville (he was at a wedding), went to kona, paid, walked outside, and it started raining.  shawn and i ran up to the snake run and bombed it once in the rain, then succumbed.  the end.  but the manager gave us a couple free passes, for our effort.

one car-load of people just up and headed back to gainesville, but we're not so easily defeated, so we scoped out a rad undercover spot.

jacksonville is amazing.  more trips to come.


huge crew heading up to kona today.  basically, we're going to bomb the snake run over and over, all day.  hopefully we fare better this time around.


i forgot all about this. i need to redo this on something....


so apparently they're having another maloof contest.  and from what i gather, they let people vote on who they wanted in the contest--the top 12 are to be in the 2009 competition.  well... here's the list.

Kurtis Colamonico
Adam Dyet
David Gonzales
Mark Gonzales
Lizard King
Kevin “Spanky” Long
Billy Marks
Mikey Taylor
Tony Trujillo
Rodrigo TX
Brandon Westgate
Stevie Williams
Bobby Worrest

how nuts of a list is that?  i'll watch this contest, it think it'll be good.  the gonz vs. tnt vs. lil stevie vs bobby worrest?  fuck yeah!

big z

zered basset is a killer.  here's the throwaway stuf from the upcoming zoo video.  that back tail is SICK!


it's a common, though shunned, practice to re-use a skate song.  my opinion is, if the part it's used in isn't memorable, then who cares?  nobody's gonna reuse 'knights in white satin,' but if the part sucked, let the song have another chance to be used.

but this is something else.  who ever heard of the same guy using the same song twice?!?!?

dropping in

and this is also funny/creepy

austin stephens

one of my sleeper favorites. this is a a great little part.

mandible claw

 mandible claw mandible claw mandible claw, skateboarding skateboarding skateboarding


we hopped the fence into the rio park today.  fun times--like the last time we did it and got caught, and some seriously racist cops arrested will (the dirty cubano) but let me and jon weiss (the whities) off with nothing.

anyway, fogt dropped in backwards on his butt and rolled down the wave.  huh?!?!?

it's not the hulk, dude

saw this on the user section of the transworld site.  it's a trailer for a full video, apparently filmed by a girl, which is pretty rad.  anyway, steve spence makes an appearance, and that made me happy.

The Days We Had from MichelleBlades on Vimeo.

and on the filmer's website i saw this, more proof that steve has the social skills of a three-year-old.

throwaway 5

throwaway 5 from Colin Read on Vimeo.


new video in the AM.

neil blender

why can't people do runs in contests like this anymore?

why have i never seen this movie?????

more shaka

in fact, reviewing the footage, i realized that teak was shaka-ing on every try.and then he even gave the horns while doing his OWN tricks.  this guy is committed.
more shaking:

shaka, bra

these are two stills from the same clip.  i didn't notice this while i was filming, but teak's giving himself some serious background props.  and then fogt, obviously preoccupied with the bro-dom, eats some serious shit.
look where he is, and look where his board is, and i think you'll understand how fast he was going.


i love him and want him and need him!

cop ride

this is a great photo.
i ran across this gem on flickr.  and i'm not going to lie, the first time i spelled "gem" back there, i spelled it with a J.


tonight, fogt, flatty and i hit up downtown.  it was fun, we skated a bunch of spots, but no one could get a trick on film.  we'll actually fogt managed to get a ledge trick across the top step of a stair ledge--a hurricane to 5-0 on the bottom step.  hmm......

this is fogt, steezing the FUCK out of a jersey barrier wallie.  too bad the landing broke his board.  for another day...

froston updates!!!

okay, people.  you all know koston quit lakai.  so where is he going?  why, oh why would he do this?

a source of mine spoke to a lakai rep, who gave up the goods.  in this recession, every company--including lakai--is having to make cutbacks.  and since lakai has one of the biggest teams around, they were going to have to cut a few of the smaller-name riders.  lame, huh?

well, koston, since he has a big stake in the company, decided that he'd take the hit.  so he left lakai, so they wouldn't have to pay him anymore.  and where did he go?  who's probably been trying to get him on the team since day one.

the swoosh.  jumpman.  nike.

so, yeah, taking the hit, but he's probably making double the cash.

thanks to koston, they're probably gonna be able to keep dudes like danny brady and lenoce.  yay!

love live the flare

james spence!

i'm going to go on record and say james's footage is my favorite of the video.  All the tricks he does are tricks only he would do/think of, and he skates every type of thing--banks, handrails, pole jams, weird hippy hops, hills--going mach 10.  plus, he's always smiling.

now, james, all we have to do is film more!  be ready....  2009 is the year of the beard.

worst ever

this is how you rob a store.

pole jam of the gods

by steve spence.  this is one of the funniest things in a while.

final project

this is the second of my final projects for my film classes.  i won't bother going into the assignment or restrictions, this is what i came up with.

bone debris from Colin Read on Vimeo.

PS i just got my first paycheck for writing--i won the fiction contest in a magazine. not the first time i've been published, but the first time anybody's paid me for it, so i'm stoked.


back in the 561

the sky has stars at night!  the wind smells of the salt of the sea!  no sirens, no hobos, no pretentious 20-year-olds!

let's celebrate!