brad pitt on mike carroll

can someone explain this?


Do you feel blame? Are you mad? Uh, do you feel like wolf kabob Roth vantage? Gefrannis booj pooch boo jujube; bear-ramage. Jigiji geeji geeja geeble Google. Begep flagaggle vaggle veditch-waggle bagga?

the good moments of skateboarding

the penny

found this on mitch's blog.  figure i should spread the joy.


josh burkard first answered the quiz correctly.  the answer was: ON WON CHONG.  congrats birdman, you'll be getting a shirt soon.

new quiz coming soon!

it's on!

back when transworld videos used to be rad and have flow, sight unseen was a masterpiece.  and here's the best part.  but you knew this already.

things i learned today

tony danza was a professional boxer.  his record was 9 to 3.  all ended in a knockout, one way or the other.

and i learned that paul robeson was better than all of us. he was an actor, an all-american, professional basketball player, he was multi-lingual, he was a writer, a lawyer, and a concert singer, and oh yeah, helped influence america's social justice policies.

what have you done in your life?

rich mahogany

i can't wait for this one.  i think it just premiered, i'll buy a copy if i find one.


from the wiki page:

Jacques-Yves Cousteau died on 25 June 1997 in Paris, aged 87. His death was strongly felt in the United States, where he was one of the most popular Frenchmen. He was buried in the family vault at Saint-AndrĂ©-de-Cubzac in France. An homage was paid to him by the city by the inauguration of a "rue du Commandant Cousteau", a street which runs out to his native house, where a commemorative plaque was affixed. He also loved cats.

fogt fell.

a quiz!

first person to answer this gets a limited edition mandible claw t-shirt.  email your answers, along with t-shirt sizes, to  this is it:

what was the name of the very first mandible claw family video (before it was called mandible claw), back in stuart, made in 2003?  first answer wins.  anyone who was in the video--will, fogt, charlie, and me--cannot answer.

we'll be doing a couple of these.  the next one will be a little more accessible.  good luck!

the madness

well, it's been more than a year since i made this, and i think it's funny enough to warrant a repost.  enjoy.


these dudes have a sick vibe.  crazy bowls and just going for it, and they're also all ridiculous and funny.  plus, they skate to benny lava.  enough said.

b b b bennie

summer reading


more fat bill

tim o'connor is fucking hilarious.

fat bill

i hope dill gets that trick

new spot no. 2

davey, back tail in a line.  look at the front foot steez!

new spot

new spot.  found and taken away within 15 minutes.

casualty no. 2

the camera light's sort of broken.  a never-to-be-spoken-of-again skater's board hit it, and now you have to tie the battery down to keep it in.  rad!

good news, though--today, we got shawn out of his girl- and studying-induced skate coma, and he filmed two tricks, one of which is a serious banger.  and erik got all wobbly on a manual pad.

i'm headed back to stuart on tuesday.  if you're there, get ready to film!

glen wignall

i'm pulling this off teak's blog.  this is officially one of my new favorite skaters.

what a dork

photo by scott kramer.  lurking by steve.  click for full picture.

the plaza

too bad this spot is skatestopped.  it was amazing while it lasted.  shawn bowlus, nollie crooks.

sorry for lack of updates

but it's finals time, and i have to finish two final projects for film classes.  guess what one of my professors said when i showed him a rough draft--that it seemed like it was made just for skateboarders, and it wasn't appealing to anyone else.

well, duh.

koki loaiza

dancing the night away.

this is right outside my window, and it's waist high

jimmy lannon, 50-50 gap to the street
erik knudsen, front smith 180 out


over 10000 hits! too bad transworld gets a million a day.  it's only a  matter of time til i catch up....


look at how fast he moves his feet when he's doing that little jig.

natas, ray

 learn a thing or two.

fully flailed!

so you've all watched the video, and you found it out's a promo (though a 20-minute badass promo).  so that means we have until august for the real video.  so, to all you rat bastards out there: this summer, we're filming, got it?  teak, i'm talking to you, buddy!

fat bill

throwbacks with strobeck.these better keep coming.

dustin. somehow he landed this.

glad to be of help, teak.

so fully flailed (i mean fully faked) got teak leasor hyped to work on the new 561 video. how has mandible claw inspired you?

fully flailed now online.

the sound's a millisecond off, and it's not HD, but no biggie.  go to to watch it all you want.

fully flailed!

hells yeah.

-mandible claw

james spence

look at the determination on his face as he's about to drop in.  by the way, that handrail is kinked.

chats with strangers

things soon deteriorated.

mandible claw

look how good a filmer i amvince canger, wallride.
mandible claw, fucking up the angles since 2008.


holy hell!

from the 8mm film

back heel in a line, erik knudsen

happy birthday shawn!

actually his b-day is wednesday, but today was designated his birthday session.  we found a new quick spot--you trick up a sidewalk then trick down a legit gap into this crusty abandoned building.  everybody got some tricks there, and we hit a couple other spots too.   we logged over a minute of footage in all today.  good stuff.

fully finished

the premiere went great.  scott's house was so full that people were literally piled on one another.  i feel bad for adam, another dude who lives there--he had to wake up at 5 am--because people were screaming.  when it was done, we went to the lux to watch it on the big screen.  the sound got kinda messed up there, and the crowd was maybe a third of at scott's, but it was still fun.  though the next premiere will have nothing to do with the lux.  we're going for the hippodrome.