nerding out.

so. the cam's broken, so my professor let me borrow the school's HD camera, the Sony HDR-FX7. it's a ty evans-looking thing. we shot with it for a couple days, and basically, after a thorough review, i like my own camera instead of this one, mostly because the FX7 has shitty low-light capabilities, and we film mostly at night. look below, at the no comply tail still--see how it's all grainy? and above that, there's shawn's bs flip, which was on my own camera--it's blurry, because like an idiot i forgot to focus, but there's no grain, and the colors are right.

however, i will say that the Sony has a slow motion capture setting... expect things to come.

another thing. there's an article in the Times about how Dyrdek is working with Carl's Jr., which is some crappy fast food place I've never been to. Anyway, in the course of describing Carl Jr.'s reasoning behind this, one of their people says:

“We decided the people we wanted to target were young, hungry guys,” Mr. Puzder said in an interview. “You set your target at a group that is cool or appealing and you get a much broader scope of people. We target hungry guys, and we get young kids that want to be young hungry guys."

i wanna be a young hungry guy, too!