here's two stills from yesterday and then tonight, the last night of filming.  why the last night?  because in the morning it will be april 1st, and the video is done.

so.  here's the deal.  we're showing the video at 10:30 at scott and erik's house, before the lux, for everyone who might not get in or who wants to skip the club scene.  afterward. we're heading to the lux to show it there too.  so everybody, get all your friends and mob over to scott's house at 10:30.  if you don't know where that is, ask me, or call me, or comment below this post.  i'll see you there!

this is how stoked james is on the video

look at this happy guy.  he landed a trick, and he's grinning before he's even off the bank.

premiere update

okay, so you all know to be at the lux on thursday at half past eleven.  but the problem is a lot of you aren't 21, so getting in might be a bit of a problem, depending on how lame the bouncer is being that night.  so, we're going to have a second showing on thursday night, at somewhere else, not sure where yet.  we're thinking about doing it at scott's house (although scott is moving tomorrow to cape canaveral for his new job--working on the new space shuttle program!!!!).  if anyone has a big TV and is willing to host, let me know.

PS beware the flail.

steve spence

is a mongoloid.

why must i cry

UPDATE! the best music video EVER!
update!!! go to rehdogg.com now, it's amazingly ridiculous

fully flailed!

check the counter, boys.  april 1st is just two short days away.  we'll be premiering the video at the lux the day after, april 2nd, thursday.  so: the lux, 11:30--be there.

mandible claw!

vote yes!

dustin getting jumpy on a downhill line.

and james spence, biting the asphault at speed-wobble velocity.



i'm going to go out on a limb

and say that if you twitter, you're a bad person.

back to filming

the game is back on. shawn, wallride nollie out at the start of a line.

knock knock

yo, keith banana here.

i found this notepad that i brought to europe last summer when me and colin went on our trip. one night we had made a list of things we learned or experienced while over there. it was basically a list of stuff that we thought was funny. this is what i wrote down.

take a gander...


this is possibly the best skateboarding trailer i've ever seen.

holy shit, they found him!


the brendan leonard show

did any of you watch this show when it was around? maybe 6 years ago? it was hilarious. watch this episode if you have 15 minutes, the duct tape and the banana peel sections are amazing.

View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

cj dixon

cj rides for viera up in titusville; he's erik's teammate and a cool kid. i saw this on the berrics banging contest. hot damn, this kid rips. check the line at toxic, it gives a line shawn did there a run for its money.

Find more videos like this on My Berrics

charles manson

this man is up for parole.

flight of the conchords is over

i'm sad to say that one my favorite shows is now over. hilarious and perfect--why????

here is a video of when they actually WERE struggling musicians.

tampa pro

billy did the best trick of the contest, a half cab noseslide 270 heel out--the same trick PJ did for his ender in wonderful horrible life. and lutzka, p rod and chaz (who the hell) took top slots. who could've guessed.

no, i wasn't there, i was watching the end of it live on the fuel tv webcast, the best part was seeing scott and shawn calling him, and then seeing him on tv pull out his phone, look down, and ignore it. scott, some friend you are.

yesterday we shot a reel of 8mm film. when i get it developed, we'll see how it turns out. james did a banger for the camera--he jumped over a handicap ramp bar off his board onto a board shawn was holding in midair. and lots of other assorted skateboarding, wallride nollies, etc.

PS never let anybody other than yourself ride your skateboard! snap!

it's cool, jonny. though i know he doesn't have a computer.

good news!

for all you being dangerous with the ladies out there, the pope has good news. pope benedict last night claimed that placing a bible over an erect penis before sex is the only guaranteed way to prevent the spread of Aids.


nerding out.

so. the cam's broken, so my professor let me borrow the school's HD camera, the Sony HDR-FX7. it's a ty evans-looking thing. we shot with it for a couple days, and basically, after a thorough review, i like my own camera instead of this one, mostly because the FX7 has shitty low-light capabilities, and we film mostly at night. look below, at the no comply tail still--see how it's all grainy? and above that, there's shawn's bs flip, which was on my own camera--it's blurry, because like an idiot i forgot to focus, but there's no grain, and the colors are right.

however, i will say that the Sony has a slow motion capture setting... expect things to come.

another thing. there's an article in the Times about how Dyrdek is working with Carl's Jr., which is some crappy fast food place I've never been to. Anyway, in the course of describing Carl Jr.'s reasoning behind this, one of their people says:

“We decided the people we wanted to target were young, hungry guys,” Mr. Puzder said in an interview. “You set your target at a group that is cool or appealing and you get a much broader scope of people. We target hungry guys, and we get young kids that want to be young hungry guys."

i wanna be a young hungry guy, too!

the jungle

shawn, bs flip the channel.

wild things!!!!!!

it's gonna be released. the trailer for where the wild things are is to appear in theaters next month. way to go, spike!

jake ireland

jake is a good friend of mine. he's a pretty talented visual arts dude going to fullsail right now, and he made me this rad poster for fully flailed. except, as you can see, jake skipped kindergarten or something, because his spelling skills are ridiculous.

mandable claw? fully flaied? come on, jake, are you even trying?


this guy is pretty g.

panda bear

steve spence and i went skating till 3 a.m. tonight, and that kid can wallie like nobody's business. we went to a couple spots, including this one. erik may have a patent on this trick, but whatever, i'll do it anyway. me, no-comply tailslide up the pole.

PS see you at the lux tomorrow night, be there or be james spence.

forget all these other posts

because this is the one that matters. this video is one of the best things in the history of the internet. gonz, danny way, and jason lee skating in the most epic spot in the world--a perfect bank/bowl thing underneath the eiffel tower. THIS is skating:

mandator viewing

paulo diaz

paulo had the biggest pop of 90s dudes, and he still had it in the early millennium. year 2000, nollies over picnic tables, cruising through the city.

and this is a special bonus for you true believers out there. gonzarelli!

brain drain

random day:
this is a sad pig.

i waste as much time as the next guy. and i think this is funny.

global warming?

if you're buying into the global warming fad, this is mandatory reading:

if i ever get a tattoo

i hope it looks like this.


foundation hasn't been cool for 10 years, but one dude was on it till recently who was still legit-- mike rusczyk. this was his last part, the only rad part in the video.

scotty kramer

here's lil shawnee doing a front rock, shot by scott.

now, let's look at the screen capture from the video i shot:

i think my angle is better, scott. just saying.

no more mandible

filming is now officially on hiatus. why, you ask? what could possibly put a stop to such a progressive, groundbreaking work?

the camera broke.

someone, please, help me pay for the repair. donations are welcome--nay, encouraged! it's not for me, it's for the good of all.

mandible claw

throwaway montage 2

well, guys, it's been a while since i've shown any new footy on here, so here you go. throwaway number 2--you only saw the first one if you were at the lux last month. enjoy.

throwaway 2 from Colin Read on Vimeo.

dudley, pt. 2

another film project. the sound lags a little bit when i uploaded it to vimeo, so the timing's a bit off, oh well...

seeing eye from Colin Read on Vimeo.

holy crap, they killed kenny

south park is back on the air. the first episode of the season was last night, and it was a killer. i was a little worried--the last 2 seasons were slacking--but this one was right on the money. check it out:

i'm on this planet, too! wanna meet up?

i have to admit, as much as i like to support artists i like, and as important it is to do so in these crappy economic times, i do a good bit of music downloading. torrents, etc. anyway, on the torrent sites, you know those pop-ups that are supposed to be people messaging you, saying, hey, i'm in gainesville too, let's get together! i guess the website reads your IP address and has the lady say she's in the same area you are. well, this one below was pretty ridiculous.

damn girl, lemme hit u ups, lolz!!

misdemeanor murder

i can't believe this is a real thing. apparently, even if you're strongly suspecting of killing a person, but there's not quite enough evidence, they'll just charge you for a misdemeanor. the same as, say, getting charged for being drunk in public.


Parapropalaehoplophorus septentrionalis

look it up.

and watch this. olson, gonz, etc. wait for the mongo ender.


tonight teak and i went to this ramp in a guy's garage, it was amazing. a super fun session, all the stuart homies were there, and this one dude, dan, was maybe the best tranny skater i've ever seen in my life. he was a berserker--going full-blast, doing the craziest reverts and revert-reverts and revert-revert-reverts.... did i mention dave bachinski was there? because nobody cared, because this dude dan was melting the ramp. i wish i had some footage of this guy.

on another note, remember when i scraped my knee away a few months back? well, it's finally healed. but this guy hit my knee with his board tonight, and through my pants, it took a clean slice through the exact same spot. the original scrape had 2 main spots, and this slice is right over one of them it looks strange.

i'm gonna try to get some clips of will and teak while i'm down here, we'll see if i can get these elusive creatures on film.


pandora.com sucks. i started with animal collective, and told it what i liked and didn't, and eventually it started feeding me this:

another thing: apparently, i'm gay.

dustin wyatt

i snuck onto lia's facebook to see these pictures that she told me about--she said dustin took some creepy pictures of me. i looked, and she was right.
mad filmer stance.

scotty k

stolen from the blogosphere. this is the jungle, where we skated 2 nights ago. expect a montage soon.

spring break woo hoo

hope everyone is having fun.

fuck this guy. he has no business ever being on a skateboard. "you're my hero matt!" you're an idiot.


i left my board in talahassee. AG!!!! jimmy said he's buying me one at westside, but still, today i had to skate on a rainy day board with no tail. and i had fun.

this is alex fogt, jamming the hell out of an almost-vertical pole in a line.

and yeah, the battle of the berrics is over, but that doesn't mean the fun has ended. mandible claw is throwing a gainesville game of skate--$5 entry, cash prizes to the winners. details coming soon.


here's a project i did for my avant-garde film class. the file size was too big for vimeo, so we're back to youtube for now.... and on the blog for some reason the right part of the video is cut off, so watch it on youtube if you want, there'll probably be n HD option there too. enjoy.


i think this is the best video of the year. but that may be because i'm a dog person.

Sleeping Dog Runs Into Wall - Watch more Funny Videos

louie louie

louie barletta is one of the best dudes around. why? because he does all joke tricks, and is secretly one the most techy skaters in the world.

stop the presses

i handed the camera to fogt and got a line here: