you know who aeschylus is--the Greek playwright, you know, he wrote prometheus bound. but do you know how he died?

he was killed when an eagle dropped a live tortoise on him, mistaking his bald head for a stone.

the tortoise survived.

and chrysippus, the philosopher, died of laughter after watching his drunk donkey attempt to eat figs.

it's about time i start planning the awesome way i'm gonna go. any ideas?

microsoft songsmith

there's a new program by the microsoft turds called songsmith. it's their answer to garage band. but more to the point, if you plug in a vocal track of your own, it makes up a beat and melody to back it.

here's the good part, though-- if you put in the vocals for real songs, they will make up the craziest shit to go behind it. and sometimes, the results are amazing. like this:

or this:

someone buy me a pc!


a classic
"skateboarding is about having fun, sure... but it's also about competition!"

billy rohan

billy rohan is fully flailed.

billy rohan from Colin Read on Vimeo.


hill bomb 2, for my film class.

newell from Colin Read on Vimeo.

grinding, grinding

who's that handsome devil?


another great site. from the guys who made the george washington video. it's like far side, but better.


click it to see the whole thing.
a great webcomic. check it out.

fully filming

we're filming full blast now, every night. we're out till 1 or two a.m. every night, getting lines. in the past 3 days i've logged maybe 1 and a half or two minutes of straight tricks of vince, shawn, and steve.

april first. be there.


shawn can front rock like a fucking champion.

that's 4 feet of vert, by the way.

hooray for you!


the best part of going fast is the sound of your wheels, whoooooosshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

PS shawn came up on a sick line tonight. all i got was a flail.

no please not again

i'm about to go refilm the hill bomb, but at night, for my film class. pray for me.

rob pluhowski

they don't make them like this anymore. clean snap, classic cruiser style. check the way he catches his kickflips, flat-footed and solid as hell. from the element world tour video.

then watch this as a bonus.

the big chill

this morning i walked outside and everything was gray with frost. the grass was crunchy. i had to wait in my car for ten minutes for the windshield to melt.

some people do this every day.

PS something about this woman terrifies me. make sure you watch the whole thing, it's insane.

Wrong Numbers - Watch more free videos


the hill bomb at the end is a killer. even the filmer didn't see it coming.

the king


some wonderful citizen made this:
and then two minutes later, it's this.
"blatant advertising"? sheesh! people today have no sense of humor.


it's happening. in the beginning, when you searched for mandible claw on google, it was nowhere to be found. and then after a while it pooped up on the first search page. and it began to rise. and rise. and now, it's the fourth link from the top.

my goal is to overtake wikipedia.

you will be mine!

bomb countries not hills

as usual watch it HD on vimeo

hill bomb from Colin Read on Vimeo.
and in case you didn't know, i have 2 vimeo accounts. why? with a free account you can only upload one HD video a week--so, i have 2, and i switch back and forth. one account is here: http://vimeo.com/user911518 and the other is here: http://vimeo.com/user933564

ch-check it out.

karate kid

so they're making a karate kid remake. this is who is gonna be the kid:

and guess who's playing mr. miyagi. seriously, take a guess.

well, you're right.

say it isn't so!

i would rather them make a remake using the entire original cast. imagine: pat morita, 197 years old, taking off his breathing machine long enough to say, wax on, wax off. and ralph macchio, a middle-aged father, kicking the shit out of a couple of teenage bullies.

crane stance!

someone, please, buy me photoshop.

new gsp video

watch it HD on vimeo.

gainesville skate park from Colin Read on Vimeo.

fred gall

had maybe the best part in the new habitat video. why? because he does tricks on spots where everyone else says, 'this ground is gravel' or 'i don't see a spot here.'

fully failed, lakai

i just watched the final flare's unused footy. it's like a shorter, better, calmer version of fully flared. but it makes me mad that ty left out some of the footy--like biebel's blunt kickflip to fakie on a janky natural quaterpipe. yeah, biebel. i would've been so stoked to see that biebel's got it like that. and other things--like lucas puig's first line kept on going.

i guarantee you will not be a victim of good trick withholding in fully flailed.

turkey bowling w/ george bush

"this will be the death of any thoughts this man ever had of being president."

america--fuck yeah!
time to save the motherfuckin day yeah

PS while we're on the youtube tip, i must show you this. this, my friends, is what the internet was made for.

561 to 352

teak's got some footy logged for fully flailed, and let's just say it involves a girl's bicycle and pelvic thrusts. he gets freaky.

i'm off for gainesville again tomorrow. see you all soon. i'm working on getting my ankle back to normal, by which i mean i'm trying really hard not to skate...but nobody's perfect. today will and i skated around out front of my house, and will ended up doing this.

will, ollie out to wallride.

see you soon, everybody. in the meantime, watch the video below this post. and go skate you fuckers!

intergalactic planetary

phone numbers please!

could you all please leave your phone numbers in the comments? i need to get them all again because my phone died.... thanks!

shawn is a turd


this is the best game of skate i have ever seen in my entire life. marc johnson in a god.

the fakest of steeze

stolen from scott's blog. a major fake steeze violation.

almost as bad as this guy.

don't call

don't try to call me. my phone has officially retired. today i had to climb out of a boat and push it across a sand bar. my phone was in my pocket. the end.

copy cat!

do you remember the video in which i broke my pelvis? i'll help: black and white footage, edited to 'all i really want to do' by bob dylan.

well, now this imposter video is on the transworld homepage:

what a phony.

jon weiss is fully flailed

on another note, this is what happened to james the other day, but on a skateboard. doing some stupid board bonk to nose manual, he ate horrible shit. then he tried the stupid trick again. and fell the exact same way.

Slide Owns Kid Twice - Watch more Free Videos

i love how the terrible parent just laughs and laughs.