blast from the past.

i remembered this tonight. abouttttt four years ago? i sent a tape in to emerica shoes, because i was an idiot and thought i was okay at skateboarding (i was wrong). anyway, two years later or something fogt calls me and tells me i'm on their website, so i look, and here it is.

here's what they said:
Stuart, Florida
17 years old
It's really nice to see a youngster like Colin Read mix it up with a little old school and a little new. Not only does Col enjoy commonly seen obstacles like stairs and rails, but he also includes a plethora of natural many pads, banks, wall rides and even a backyard pool in his daily skate diet. We're talkin' lines, footplants and a sweet no-comply pole jam!

I have a couple of questions, though, so Colin, read this: Aren't filmer shadows and park footy illegal in sponsor me videos? Just kidding. And I wonder who's in that car that drives by in the first scene? Ha-ha! Thanks for submitting your footage, Colin, You just eared yourself a free pair of Emerica shoes.--Post King

HA! that had to be the dorkiest review i've ever read. but the skating was dorky too.

the comments started out as complimentary for a while, but then they took the inevitable turn for the worst. here are some of my favorites:

"that was horrible,"

"I got bored watching that."

"I agree that was horrible and boring."

(those 3 were in a row)

"i didnt think he was that good. the rail tricks sucked."

and then, this one shows up:

"ill tear the ankles off this bitch. It was a like shuv it mania up in that joint. he didnt do even one irish shuffel or and reptar bars. horrible and boring. i hate more than any of u suckers. col is a tool bag"

followed by:

"dude darth hater is right. this bitch is gonna get bit apart by a mandible claw sooner or later, i just hopes he stops doing skating like a wanker soon enough to see it. man, hes doin shuvits and reverts of all kinds and variations, and all natures.

nature, that's what skateboarding is all about

i heard he cant even do axel stalls. doesnt do his back disasters properly."

the one right after says this:

"hes better than you bitch"

but then the same person says right after,

"nah that video was kinda gay."

there is no sweeter love than that shared on skate video comment pages.
one more for the memories:

"dude your gay this video sucks major boners i would kill you."

(my actual favorite is one who just says, 'he skates fast.' that made me happy.)


finally, i figured how to upload in hd. make sure hd is turned on.

fogt from Colin Read on Vimeo.

this is the beginning of something more. of something great.

fully flailed. coming in the newer, better year.

i made this

i think it's really good

best. post. ever.

i officially found the best post on craigslist ever.

i already called, don't bother.

PS this is a baby elephant.