bomb hills AND countries

more from my favorite dudes in blue suits.

and this made me die laughing.

and then this made me laugh even harder.


so today i was looking for a good camera light that will fit my canon. i'm scrolling down on google, and what do i see?

no one challenges my champion sound.

this is what stupid people like to do in winter.

and this is the stupidest one of them all. apparently he goes 780 feet in the air.

what do you think the first guy guy who ever thought of this said to his friends? 'dudes, let's just go flying off the biggest cliff we can find and see how far we go.' pause. 'dudes?'

this is along the same lines, but japanese.


mike stanley, bs flip to flat. the pyramid is down there somewhere.

wow. the gainesville skatepark grand opening was tonight. expect a video of the best trick contest in the next few days.