hot town interview

tonight i sat down with vince canger, the man behind hot town. this is what happened.

MC--what is hot town?

HT--what is hot town? dont you know yet? it was here b4 u were, itll be here after you are. does that sound dick? i want it to. hmmm what is hot town?
(Shawn)--its whatever people want it to be.
HT--is it? i’d say think of it like a dog in the snow. it’s just all snow, he has nowhere to go.
(shawn)--and a kind stranger welcomes him in.
HT--no! so he says fuck it, im not going anywhere, i, staying right here. hot town is about making the most of a bad situation. the dog knows he’s cold but he doesnt give a shit he’s just gonna stay right there and piss in the snow and let everyone know hes not going nowhere.

MC--whats something no one knows about you? secrets?

HT--i have somehting you dont know about me. i have something called halo nevus. common benign skin lesions. Halo nevi are common benign skin lesions that represent melanocytic nevi in which an inflammatory infiltrate develops, resulting in a zone of depigmentation surrounding the nevus. Although Sutton originally described the lesion in 1916 as leukoderma acquisita centrifugum, the lesions were noted earlier, as evidenced by their depiction in the painting The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Matthias Grunewald circa 1512-1516. Because melanoma that has undergone regression may appear gray or white, halo nevi have been erroneously confused with melanoma and have been the source of much anxiety among both clinicians and patients. Nevertheless, they are entirely benign lesions and of only cosmetic significance.

MC--how towns goal for the new year?

HT--thats a hard one. to find that bitch that gave me herpes. track ehr down and kill her

MC--i didnt know you had herpes

HT--i dont. hot town does.

MC--any shout outs?

HT--i’m not happy. i’m not happy with this interview.

MC--thanks for your time.

HT--can i change my analogy? about what HT is?

(vince farts. wafts fart toward nose, grinning.)

when all yu wana do is chill with your boys and your girl is all over your nuts. and youre like chill dont i give u enough dick? you never pay attention to my needs! then you just ditch her. then you find that dog in the snow. and it all makes sense.