HOT-TOWN COMMUNIQUE #2: closing the loop

To whom it may concern,

When navigating your way through the world-wide-web, ultimately finding your way to WWW.HOT-TOWN.ORG, you will no longer be greeted by the familiar default homepage. But instead, your screen will dazzle with slogans anew, a "sign of the times," if you will. One that represents unity in a time of chaos and misunderstanding. The bringing together of two very important thinkers, always on the forefront of the skateboarding scene.

Together they create what could be considered, metaphorically, as the floatation device for a sinking realm. Skateboarding's life-raft. I wish it weren't so, but skateboarding as a whole allows itself to be pulled under time and time again by the very values that it was established against. We were once swimming against the tide, but we've found ourselves caught in the current...

My friends, fellow skaterboarders, HOT-TOWN and Mandible Claw have united for good. Mandible Claw is HOT-TOWN and HOT-TOWN is Mandible Claw, and I am You and You are Me and we are HOT-Claw. NO! We are Mandible-TOWN!!. I hope you find yourself typing in this url:, pressing 'enter,' only to find that you are back where you started. HA! Closing the loop shouldn't have taken this long. But better now than never.

HOT-TOWN!! <3's Mandible Claw

sterrve and dustin