i was bored and typed in because it's a funny word. anyway, it's a website, with a video on it, of bam margera as an angel playing tic tac toe with the grim reaper, and the reaper cuts off his hands so he uses a circular water bottle to finnish his row and win, and the reaper explodes, then bam starts surfing on a boogie board, and it's all in finnish, and playing metal in the background....

someone, tell me i'm dreaming this all.

nope. i'm not.

toxic remix!

i remixed the edit. please, please watch it. to watch in high quality, go to it on youtube and click watch in high quality... duh.

hard at lurk

me, on the left. an esteemed judge at the battered & brewed bowl contest a few weeks ago, not long after koki demolished me with his wheely board.


hold on a damn minute! i just discovered something more disturbing than burt's surgery: the picture of burt itself.

view the original photo, as it was printed as the centerfold of cosmopolitan magazine:

now, go look at the last post, the same photo, as used in a DIRECTV ad. the cigarette and ashtray have been digitally removed.

are you SERIOUS? our society thinks cigarettes are more suggestive than a photo of naked burt reynolds in all his hairy glory, not to mention a murdered-bear rug?

don't buy directv. at least, not unless they have a burt reynolds channel.


why can't old people just get old? especially when you're this guy:

women wanted him. men wanted him. even i wanted him. had he let things run their natural course, he would have aged into an even more rugged, even more weathered, even classier older gentlemen.

but instead, he did what they always do.

why, burt? why?


first edit with the new camera. i have a a grip of bangers already--people have been throwing down. but good things come to those who wait.

since youtube is gay as hell, the HD crisp beautiful righteousness has been lost, giving way to standard streaming poop quality. oh well. come over and i'll show you the real deal.

enjoy skateboarding.