holga, roll 2

there's something wrong with this thing. i think it might be that the aperture switch is sliding, and so the bar that's between the two settings is blocking the lens, because more than half the frames were horribly underexposed--you can't see anything. that said, the few that turned out are pretty cool.

didn't i tell you to make me a sandwich?

from the UK's daily mail:

Executive who branded wife with iron freed with a £2,000 fine

A management consultant branded his wife with a hot steam iron because she had failed to press his shirt.

Cambridge graduate Colin Read, 25, also slashed her with a knife because she had forgotten to make his sandwiches.

But the £90,000-a-year executive walked free from court - with just a £2,000 fine.

His wife Elizabeth, also 25, sat quietly in the corner of the courtroom at Southwark Crown Court as he indicated he could pay the fine within 28 days.

He was spared even a community punishment because the judge ruled that "special circumstances" suggested he was unlikely to reoffend and his job meant he was too "busy" to find the time to complete any order.

that's right. make me my f-ing sandwich!!!!!!


poor goat.