you know what's awesome? having friends who bring you cookies when you're hurt. and friends who make you spaghetti. and having an amazing girlfriend who puts up with your crap and comes over and drives you around and takes care of you. and my mom. she's pretty awesome too.

but especially this person.

lia always closes her eyes whenever anybody takes a picture of her, this is one of the few exceptions.

jobs, pt. 2

i'd also like to be as happy as this lady.

my favorite animal

by far is the blobfish.

he's a deep-sea fangly fish. he lives off the coast of australia in depths with 80 times the pressure we can stand. most of his body is a gelatinous mass that weighs slightly less than water, so he floats above the ocean floor without using any energy. he just opens his mouth whenever anything edible floats by.

i feel a lot like a blobfish right now.


it's a left acetabulum fracture, worse than they thought at the ER. i got more x-rays taken at the ortho clinic, and they showed the break is in the hip socket, in the most weight-bearing part of the body. the doc is waiting on surgery, because for now it's perfectly displaced--it hasn't moved from where it should be. but if it does, they have to cut back all the muscle and put in a bolt. awesome. i'd post my x-rays but you can totally see my weiner in them.

basically, don't call me to skate for a few months.