i admit it. fine.

sure, this is like my twentieth post of the night, but i can't sleep because my fucking pelvis is broken. so poo on you.

i found the most entertaining thing ever: looking through craigslist postings.

look at this:

you can't see it, but on the bottom, after location, it says: in the woods.

you know what's cool?

not being like these kids. by which i mean, not being in jail.

quentin, why?!?!?!? we watched you learn to ollie. why?!?!?!??

video of the year

this is what you get, clicking on links at 3 am. i almost peed myself laughing.

and no, i'm not obsessed with corn. i don't even have any beef with the guy. in fact, i'm stoked on him. it's just that he's such a hilarious character. he's like a myth, much like the jackelope, except he's a real person. david, if you're reading this, keep on doing your thing, man. it keeps us all entertained.

you hear a lot about

obama vs mccain, right? i say: who cares. nobody gets my vote until there's a constitutional amendment. you know the one i'm talking about. i'm asking--how do we get this guy in office?

a flex of those biceps and the middle east crisis is over.