that's 'freedom fries' by the way

sunglasses at night

tonight shawn, jonny, steve and i had a late session at the 6th street strip mall. we were skating it like a manual pad, going in and then out, when this crazy black dude shows up with a boom box on his shoulder, wearing sunglasses at 2 in the morning. first off, he sells the glasses to jonny. then he starts judging our tricks, awarding us points as we skate. he amped us all up; we all landed new tricks: jonny got a kickflip manny impossible, shawn got a manny kickflip, and i did a nose manny around to nollie fs bigspin. but steve was judged the winner with 5 points for his flip steeze. congrats, steve!!!!

the guy's name is jack. if you see him, give him props, he'll give them right back.