don't ask by what process this came by. i carried my camera along while walking my blind old dog, and it turned into something foreboding....

isnt it funny what a creepy song can do to something like walking a dog?


i saw this years ago and loved it, and never knew it was spike.


watch this. gotta be the gonz.

and an ikea ad by spike.

and one of the best ad spots ive ever seen, for adidas

and this of spike, in his video for a fatboy slim song, will make you die laughing, i swear.

wait for the b-boy moves.

spike jonze is a fucking genius

and right now he's just finished post-production of his vision of the classic story, 'where the wild things are.' here's a leaked screen test:


watch it!!!

but there's really bad news. warner bros has decided that spike's film is too dark for them, and they're planning to cut the entire film--which is finished--and completely reshoot it. without spike, probably.

so all of you, get up in arms, write in, bitch about it, just generally complain! spike jonze is one of the best filmmakers working today, and they want to cut his entire film so it's more kiddie and commercial.

here's an idea--the test screening of the finished film left children crying. oh yeah.