okay, guys, and by guys, i mean all of you who skate, either in g-ville, stuville, whatever. here's the deal--i want to do a KING OF THE ROAD! but not even on the road, just in town. i'm saying make a list of tricks, etc.. i'm thinking, before summer's over, we all get together and make teams of a couple guys a team, and then rip it up.

well, what do you think? tell me, let's get this shit started. a weekend of KOTR anyone?


what a dumb design for an animal.

ride the bull

so i was snooping el toro vids on youtube, spying out the ABDs so i know what i can safely throw down it, when i saw this link. ive heard about this before, but never seen it, like a mythical beast (muh like the fandangle). steve, is this what you were telling me about? pure genius.

PS and what kind of dumbass tries to airwalk el toro? dude, even if you landed it... it's an airwalk.

PPS one of the comments said, "ryan sheckler frontside flipped it for the new plan b video, but i guess this is cool too." HAHAHAHAHA!!!!