fuck tha police, pt. 2

4th of july started out great!!!! will and i loaded up to head to the new skate park. then while we're still in sewalls point, will drops a firecracker out the window. crackle crackle. the weakest firecrackers in the world. you could explode it in your hand.

then a cop pops up and chases my car down on foot. next thing you know, we're sitting on the curb, being told we're going to prison for a serious felony: assault with a deadly missile. deadly missile?!?!?!?

apparently some lady thought we were aiming for her, and....

well, we got off in the end, though with records. we just have to pray she donesn't press charges, or we're seriously going to prison for a long time. the cops treated us like animals. they were taking will's info, then one of them asked for my license, and i asked, what did i do? YOU WERE DRIVING THE CAAARRRRRR!!!!!

oh, sorry. i forgot.