its all.......................... gonna break!

you ever get a song stuck in your head? a really, really, really bad song youve only heard once, but its in there like a splinter?

well this is that song.

beautiful girls, by sean kingston. we heard it once while we were in mataro, and its been replaying in our heads ever since. an any point during the day, one of us will sing, beauuutifull girrllls, and the other will start crying because now its in his head again.

jake, are you really buying the vx? hope you can read chinese, buddy.

you sold me queer giraffes

tonight we watched gladiator, in rome. how badass is that?

weve been getting requests for footy, and while id like to give you the privilege of witnessing our adventures, i dont have the cords, programs, well-functioning computers, etc. youll all have to wait until we get home, chumps.

this is a member of the mandible claw family, agent cockwell, nosediving at the toxic wasteland. note the back foot placement and the manly hair seeping through his wife-beater.

meanwhile, in rome, skateboarding is on hiatus. were going back to BCN on the 24th, and well pick up skating again there. rome has shitty, rough-ass cobbles, yo.

today we trespassed into the vatican and took illegal pictures of dead popes. the vatican police yelled at us for wearing beanies. they probably thought i was jewish, and defacing their religion. they were only half right.

and did i mention i once again have waffle shoes? soaked to that grippy lakai sole (this is not an advertisement). we waited in the downpour for ten minutes in the vatican line, and then we got to anbother massive line. but somehow we stumbled into a private tour guide group and were ushered past hours of lines.... smooth.

yesterday at the colosseum men in roman guard uniforms wanted my money. when i wouldnt let them have it they cursed at me. in english. im starting to think they werent actually ancient roman guards....

a discovery--horses hate chocolate. i tried to feed a candy bar to two different horses today, and both of them slurped at it then spit it back in my hand and slurped about like they had a bad taste in their mouths. i thought it would be a step up from sugar cubes, which my friend greg maintains are the sole staple of a horse's diet.

i dove into the ocean today. it was cold. real cold. my weiner turned into an innie.

heres to you, loyal reader--a true gladiator: