fully soggy

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im ron burgundy?

Veronica: "Oh, well, when in Rome."
Ron: "Yes? Please go on."
Veronica: "Uh, do as the Romans do? It's an old expression."
Ron: "Oh! I've never heard of it."
Veronica: "Oh."
Ron: "It's wonderful, though."

in rome, and guess what the weather is like. you got it! pouring. we ate pizza in an italian pizzaria--pretty epic. for some reason the girls working there were laughing at us, i mean really laughing their asses off. i dont know why.

yesterday we found the giant white quarterpie that busenitz back disastered in the adidas paris video. busenitz is a god among mere mortals. that thing goes straight to steep bank and is maybe 13 feet high.

oh, and did i mention that the spot is pretty much unskateable? its a perfect spot, yeah. but the french government decided to build a scooter park 5 feet away from it, going its entire length, and then made the quarterpipe itself illegal to skate. we got kicked out of skating a skatepark twice. imagine me fighting with a french security guard, neither of us understanding the either one, but neither of us giving up, until the guy just walked away out of frustration. one more thing: there were 2 hundred little kids freaking out all over the place. not an exaggeration. shawn and i killed like 20 babies skating there.

but we got a couple little runs, so its all cool.

we then skated the gnarliest spot ever. its a giant globe monument thing. its set about 5 feet deep into the ground and has half of it cut away so you can skate it. you have to roll into a 5 foot quarterpipe, then charge into the other wall, which is about 15 feet high. we got some epic footage.

a strange thing about skating in france: people throw water at you. it happened twice. first skating a bank spot, somebody threw a water bottle off of the skyscraper next to us, and it exploded right next to us against the ground. it hit and the bottle--the pplastic bottle--ripped aprt and water shot out 20 feet. then, skating a very colorful manual pad, someone threw a bag full of water out the window, and it blasted everywhere. thats how they try to get you out of the spot--soak it.

the train ride to rome was a child molesters paradise. little girls everywhere. we shared our cabin with a couple preteens who chattered and giggled and giggled and giggled. shawn and i entertained ourselves by saying dirty things to them, because they couldnt understand english. finally they were herded away, and we slept hard. shawn slept so hard that when he woke up he found holes all in his pillow.

more to come. follow the bouncing ball.