the rain falls hard on a humdrum town

the weather was perfect and we skated all day today no problems!!!!!

just kidding. another rainy day. but it let off enough for us to film some lines, then started raining again.

last night we toured the louvre. mona lisa isnt that pretty of a woman. and there were many amputated statues.

later, at a cafe, as we were eating, a guy smashed a bottle on a dudes head then slammed him against the window we were eating against. the cooks ran out to stop the fight; shawn and i ate our french fries.

french fries. do they call them that here? if i spoke the language id know. but as it is i just point at the menu and then nod at whatever they say to me afterwards. theyre probably telling me to go fuck myself and im just smiling and saying merci, merci.

today, skating an amazing bank spot (soy panday doies a line there in static three doing a roll-into 5050 drop into the bank and then a back tail), people kept getting in the way, and i plowed straight through a womans purse. shawn almost took out an old lady. to dinner, i mean. but she was married. maybe next time, shawn....

till that next time. rome in 2 days.