fully swindled

while filming a line, a gyu on a bike asked us for directions. when he left, our camera bag was gone. luckily mr bike thief and his friend thief only got a few batteries and the charge cord... but now we cant charge our cam cam. ug.

today we found the gnarliest spots. how about the multilevel quarter pipe that dylan rieder had a front blunt on a transworld cover? shawn got front rock and fs disaster, and i got a bs disaster and a back blunt. in miloe radius we found the bank spot under the shiny roof you see in videos. i ran into our old friend mr. duffy, and we skated with him and the whole pro lost team. gailea momolu--that´s right, steve--paul machnau, danny fuenzalida, etc. we attacked some insane ledge spots and i yanked down a pole jam to fakie on a crusty bank. al these crazy spots that you can tell no ones ever skated before. well, we´re from crustville, florida, and put our mark on the map.

if someone has a scd6040 samsung charger cord, let me know!!!! or else no more footy, peeps!

wish us luck, and no more stolen crap.

-agents bowlus and read

heeeeeere's JOHNNY!

well, folks, we´re here. yes. we´re here.

so, MACBA... i could tell you about how we skated with javier sarmiento, enrique lorenzo, jesus, gunes ozdogan, and a couple other pros, but instead i´ll tell you about the things you don´t see in vids. like how our boards rolled through a piss puddle every time we went for a trick. and how shawn stepped into a hole full of shit and left poop footprints on the marble. and how the marble--nevermind, that place is amazing. perfect ledges smoothe ground, an awesome vibe, and no security. shawn now has poop shoes, though.

at first we got lost and wandered around barca for hours, finding spots we´ve seen in videos. it´s as awesome as you all think, suckers. oh yeah--before we even got here, we had pat duffy and kyle berard sitting behind us on the plane. pat´s a nice guy. he told me where to find an ATM.

now we´re off to find forum, the gigantic tiled quarterpipes and the roofed in banked manny pads. you know that one, it has the shiny ceiling. dylan rieder had a transworld cover doing a front blunt on the big bank thing.

wish us luck. my red beanie got swiped. NOOOOOOOO!

-colin (and shawn)