we went to willoughby skate park.  the lights were all off, except for a few in the parking lot.  will and fogt skated one of the quarterpipes using the light from my camera.  after a little while, fogt doges off to try to turn the park lights on.  i'm filming will, and suddenly every light in the area shuts off.  fogt hit the wrong switch.  we're bewildered by the sudden dark; we'd thought the previous dark was pitch black, but now, you couldn't see anything past the camera light's range.

will's standing on the top of the ramp.  i'm waiting for fogt to fix whatever he did.  then will goes, "whatever," and sets his board down in a blunt and stands on it and pops into the ramp and rides away, into the blackness.

and the legend of will abesada continues to grow.