we went to willoughby skate park.  the lights were all off, except for a few in the parking lot.  will and fogt skated one of the quarterpipes using the light from my camera.  after a little while, fogt doges off to try to turn the park lights on.  i'm filming will, and suddenly every light in the area shuts off.  fogt hit the wrong switch.  we're bewildered by the sudden dark; we'd thought the previous dark was pitch black, but now, you couldn't see anything past the camera light's range.

will's standing on the top of the ramp.  i'm waiting for fogt to fix whatever he did.  then will goes, "whatever," and sets his board down in a blunt and stands on it and pops into the ramp and rides away, into the blackness.

and the legend of will abesada continues to grow.

another comment

someone said:

"professional filming
crappy as skating."

hear that, guys?  you chumps better start laying down some hammers, or i'm taking my skills elsewhere.

i think i'm famous.

or at least shawn is.

so guess what?  we got thursday theater on transworld, again.  on thanksgiving.  to quote transworld:

Our first all-HD Thursday Theater? Good stuff Mandible ClawAnd it’s another one from Florida. Those Florida skaters might be the most productive in the nation.

basically, mandible claw is the thing to be right now.  hells yeah!

some comment nerd commented this on the transworld site:

"…what a waste of a really expensive camera."

little does he know i paid less for my camera than he paid for his old busted vx1.  or a death lens for that matter.


steve just sent me this link and i feel like i'm going insane.

d. way

it was a matter of time.  danny way broke his back on the mega ramp.  to quote transworld:

"While he will make a full recovery, doctors say Way will be sidelined for up to 6 months—which could be anywhere from 3-4 months in Danny Way time."

i'd say it's more like a week and a half.

go dannyyyyy!!

lil shonee

shawn threading the needle, past the car.  and you don't think shawn would just do a plain old feeble grind, do you?  course not.  but that footy is being saved for a rainy day.

but on to more important things.  montage 3: vinceable.

200th post

deserves the gonz.


if you weren't here...  too bad for you.


mandible claw fully backs silas baxter-neal.  we congratulate him on his new title, the 2008 thrasher sotr, the only one that fucking matters.

peep his new footy on the thrasher site.  wowzers.

and in other news, i'm waiting for a skater who can ollie like jordan jumps.  wait, i guess it's reese forbes.

but just watch.  i've never used the term 'wtf' in my life, but i'm going to use it right now:


what's the worst that could happen?

it is very rare for something to actually be a worst case scenario.

this was a worst case scenario.

i must have them

no more

though not really.  this is still a blogspot blog.  but now you can reach it at ''.

or, stick with the old address.  whateverrrrrrrr


Ride the BONE TRAIN!


[Where it all began]

[You can't make it to heaven on a half-pipe]

[Wander the hills of HOT-TOWN!!]


steve nash

is f'ing hilarious.

late night

video no. 2. enjoy.

dancing in the dark from Colin Read on Vimeo.


i fell into a youtube trap and ended up watching this thing that made fun of tech decks. it had a good line:

'the tech deck hand board. it's a bigger version of a miniature version of a regular skateboard.'

i have a patent pending on my footboard--it's a tech deck you ride with with your feet.


i'm not even going to change the caption. it was perfect:

the ultimate weapon.

our last days as children

finally. i uploaded it to vimeo, so there's better quality. enjoy.

our last days as children from Colin Read on Vimeo.


i was bored and typed in because it's a funny word. anyway, it's a website, with a video on it, of bam margera as an angel playing tic tac toe with the grim reaper, and the reaper cuts off his hands so he uses a circular water bottle to finnish his row and win, and the reaper explodes, then bam starts surfing on a boogie board, and it's all in finnish, and playing metal in the background....

someone, tell me i'm dreaming this all.

nope. i'm not.

toxic remix!

i remixed the edit. please, please watch it. to watch in high quality, go to it on youtube and click watch in high quality... duh.

hard at lurk

me, on the left. an esteemed judge at the battered & brewed bowl contest a few weeks ago, not long after koki demolished me with his wheely board.


hold on a damn minute! i just discovered something more disturbing than burt's surgery: the picture of burt itself.

view the original photo, as it was printed as the centerfold of cosmopolitan magazine:

now, go look at the last post, the same photo, as used in a DIRECTV ad. the cigarette and ashtray have been digitally removed.

are you SERIOUS? our society thinks cigarettes are more suggestive than a photo of naked burt reynolds in all his hairy glory, not to mention a murdered-bear rug?

don't buy directv. at least, not unless they have a burt reynolds channel.


why can't old people just get old? especially when you're this guy:

women wanted him. men wanted him. even i wanted him. had he let things run their natural course, he would have aged into an even more rugged, even more weathered, even classier older gentlemen.

but instead, he did what they always do.

why, burt? why?


first edit with the new camera. i have a a grip of bangers already--people have been throwing down. but good things come to those who wait.

since youtube is gay as hell, the HD crisp beautiful righteousness has been lost, giving way to standard streaming poop quality. oh well. come over and i'll show you the real deal.

enjoy skateboarding.

maybe i should check the law books, but...

"i think that's against the law, but okay"?

i'm jamal muthafuckin smith

now in HD.

all jamal footy is pure gold. if you pay attention, you'll notice he's wearing two of the same t-shirts, one under the other. that's class.

say it isn't so

Jury Recommends Death Sentence For Power Ranger

6 November 2008 11:06 PM, PST | From | See recent WENN news

Latest: Former Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Skylar Deleon will face a death sentence if the members of a jury in a triple murder case get their way.

Last month, Deleon, a former child actor who appeared on the popular kids' TV series, was convicted of murdering three people, including a couple who were tied to an anchor and thrown from their yacht.

And now the jury in the case want the 29-year-old actor to pay for his crimes with his life.

Deleon's attorney, Gary Pohlson, argues his client should not be put to death.

He says, "Skylar is guilty of all three murders, (but) at the end of this, I'm going to ask you to give him life without the possibility of parole as the appropriate sentence."

The lawyer cited Deleon's "horrible, horrible life," and noted he was allegedly abused as child by his father, who eventually died of AIDS.

Deleon will learn of his sentence next Wednesday.


for those of you who don't skate, this is a pretty good example of what it's like. imagine trying to kick a soccer ball across a street and into a trash can, while the street is busy and people are yelling at you. that's pretty much skateboarding right there.

thanks for the link, shawn.

things make less sense every day

i'm a sucker for clint eastwood. his new movie is coming out soon. what a killer.

"I don't want to become immortal through my work, I want to become immortal through not dying" - Woody Allen

back in action

macbook came back today, brand new. thanks, apple!

anyway, here's a screen capture of the new cam-cam.

fully flurried.