sooooo a few updates.

1. i bought a new hd video camera.
2. my computer died and is being fixed by apple.
3. my hip is still broken.

basically, i'm crippled and i want someone to do something on a skateboard for me to film while computer's in the shop.

throw down!

don't do it daddy

once in high school, before my friends and i went on a skate trip, my dad showed us a movie of the worst bails ever in the 'extreme sports.' this was one of them. i haven't seen it in years. ask yourself--what was he trying to land on?

in case you were wondering

does anybody care about the thoughts i think? blogging is a very narcissistic thing to do. but then again, i do think some pretty awesome thoughts.


our europe video just got featured on the transworld home page. go check it out.

dance dance dance dance dance dance


corn's closet said...

You should possibly try looking up the word cinematographer prior to applying to a job next. In the film industry a cinematographer, depending on the size of the production and budget can do anything from the duties of a DP to camera op, or 2nd ac, or all of the above. The gems that the letter was full of, were probably actually responsibility of a cinematographer or what she was seeking in a cinematographer. Just a word of advice, not trying to be a dick. So next time you aren't as surprised. Unless you know what a Mickey Mole 1k Par is with half CTB on it, and a 1/2 net rigged on a c-stand with a topper on it is, I'd be a little cautious before applying to cinematographer jobs.
October 23, 2008 4:00 AM
colin said...

actually the ad said she just wanted someone to film a dance recital. turd.
October 23, 2008 11:01 AM
shawn said...

hahaha what a cockslob
October 23, 2008 11:04 AM
Steve Cock said...

you should seek a way to get all that poop off your corny weiner mr closet man

dance dance revolution

soooooo i applied for this cinematographer job, thinking i'd be filming a dance performance. so i sent the lady in charge some youtube clips--skate stuff.

well, she emailed me back, and said she was stoked on my stuff, and then unveiled this plan for me to film a week-long MTV-style reality shoot on the lives of dancers. really, really sketchy. the letter was full of gems like this one:

"You will have an interesting and inspiring week of fierceness."

but this was the cincher.

"Retire the skateboards its all about dance."

the pillage

stolen from joe's mag, the pillage. hells yeah fogt.

craigslist, cont.

i don't even know what to say about this one:

"I'm looking to work out a deal with someone to exchange my labor for weeknight martial arts lessons."


lia and i made this animation tonight of big bertha.

when will the violence stop?


she should use her spinning transformer thing to push with her back foot.


pictures like this make me happy to be alive.


euro-tage. most of the europe footy mixed in with some old florida stuff. enjoy.

jerry hsu

this part came out in '99. almost ten years ago. keep that in mind.

holga, roll 3

the best roll so far. jason's got a buttery back tail in this one.

go here:


this guy is a genius. he combines portraits of the same person at different ages.

like this:

i'm waiting for an idea as good as this. if you have any in mind, let me know.

he's gonna land it

from an old thrasher interview:

Are you still determined to kickflip a bike?

What’s it gonna take?
A few more people who don't think I can do it and think that I'm basically full of shit.

i decided the blog's title wasn't big enough.

this satisfies me.


Today I thought I saw a person standing just outside my window. By the time I pulled up the blinds, no one was there.
Which isn’t to say I didn’t see him.


jimmy, sorry for supporting the illegal downloading of your skateboarding maneuvers. but i gotta represent.

here's our bearded bomber:

i get the feeling that he really likes fire hydrants....


there are some who don't, but i think neckface is fucking awesome. there's a good top fives with him over at the tap.



one: why are these guys so cool?
two: why does the one dude look so much like scott kramer?

the move at 3:46 is a classic


they just get weirder and weirder.

Kids birthday

Make your childs next birthday one everyone will always cherish.
Ad that special touch to your next party.
Guarantee to not leave a dry eye in the house.

Contact us today for a full outline of all available services
including event planning and party supply.

"Guarantee to not leave a dry eye in the house."
....why would you want to make everybody cry at a kid's birthday party?

with friends like these, who needs friends

my friends are all camping. i was supposed to go, but i hurt myself, and now i'm at home alone, whining.

hopefully, something like this happens to them:

EDIT: maybe this is what they're doing, out in the woods.

Unicycle Moron Crashes Hard on Deck - Watch more free videos

holga, roll 2

there's something wrong with this thing. i think it might be that the aperture switch is sliding, and so the bar that's between the two settings is blocking the lens, because more than half the frames were horribly underexposed--you can't see anything. that said, the few that turned out are pretty cool.

didn't i tell you to make me a sandwich?

from the UK's daily mail:

Executive who branded wife with iron freed with a £2,000 fine

A management consultant branded his wife with a hot steam iron because she had failed to press his shirt.

Cambridge graduate Colin Read, 25, also slashed her with a knife because she had forgotten to make his sandwiches.

But the £90,000-a-year executive walked free from court - with just a £2,000 fine.

His wife Elizabeth, also 25, sat quietly in the corner of the courtroom at Southwark Crown Court as he indicated he could pay the fine within 28 days.

He was spared even a community punishment because the judge ruled that "special circumstances" suggested he was unlikely to reoffend and his job meant he was too "busy" to find the time to complete any order.

that's right. make me my f-ing sandwich!!!!!!


poor goat.


speaking of which

there's the spongebob rectal thermometer. and yes, it plays your favorite tune while it's up your ass.


what were the manufacturers thinking?

and why does the kid's favorite new toy keep ending up on mommy's nightstand?

one more

this is of mario 64


just got the first roll developed. for some reason the first half of the roll got overexposed, and so is totally screwed. i lost some good frames. oh well.

here's what i got.

brandon westgate for '09

hands down the best back smith i've ever seen.

i like turtles

but i don't like that they're screwed when they're flipped onto their backs. well, this turtle is a fucking genius.

kind of like when i figured out that i can hit light and fan switches from my bed if i use my crutch. sweet.

P.S. does it make you gay if you go through your friend's CT scan pictures and magnify the penis full-screen? then shawn and steve are total fags.

it's all about the benjamins

erik and i made this for our new potential employer. laugh all you want, it's a hundred big ones.

PS watch it a bunch of times and comment like you're persuaded to buy the product now. do it!!!!

james patterson

is the worst thing ever. he puts his name on books other people write, and they sell massively. i don't know how. he--and his ghostwriters--don't know how to write a sentence. i suspect he's illiterate.

if this doesn't make you want to rip your eyeballs out, maybe you shouldn't be reading this blog:

'This sucks!' Iggy shouted suddenly, his voice echoing off the glass storefronts. He punched a telephone pole in front of him, hitting it accurately. He winced, and I saw the scraped skin and bloody knuckles.
'I'm sorry, Ig-' I began.
'I don't care if you're sorry!' Iggy shouted at me. 'Everyone's sorry! That doesn't matter! What matters is that we find where we belong!' He walked angrily away from us, his boots kicking up stones in the parking lot. 'I mean, I just can't take this any more!' he yelled, waving his arms and heading back to us. 'I need some answers! We can't just keep on wandering from place to place, always on the run, always hunted...' His voice broke, and we all looked at him in shock. Iggy hardly ever cried.
I went over and tried to put my arms around him, but he pushed me away.
'We all want answers, Iggy,' I said. 'We all feel lost sometimes...'

i hate his writing, i hate his dumb face. i hope he gets eaten alive by his "co-authors."

she don't use jelly

umm... what the hell?

EDIT: apparently the vaseline jars were encrusted with diamonds. but still... tyra sure loves her some vaseline.


you know what's awesome? having friends who bring you cookies when you're hurt. and friends who make you spaghetti. and having an amazing girlfriend who puts up with your crap and comes over and drives you around and takes care of you. and my mom. she's pretty awesome too.

but especially this person.

lia always closes her eyes whenever anybody takes a picture of her, this is one of the few exceptions.

jobs, pt. 2

i'd also like to be as happy as this lady.

my favorite animal

by far is the blobfish.

he's a deep-sea fangly fish. he lives off the coast of australia in depths with 80 times the pressure we can stand. most of his body is a gelatinous mass that weighs slightly less than water, so he floats above the ocean floor without using any energy. he just opens his mouth whenever anything edible floats by.

i feel a lot like a blobfish right now.


it's a left acetabulum fracture, worse than they thought at the ER. i got more x-rays taken at the ortho clinic, and they showed the break is in the hip socket, in the most weight-bearing part of the body. the doc is waiting on surgery, because for now it's perfectly displaced--it hasn't moved from where it should be. but if it does, they have to cut back all the muscle and put in a bolt. awesome. i'd post my x-rays but you can totally see my weiner in them.

basically, don't call me to skate for a few months.