a day at godfather's. this contains the fall that broke me in half. enjoy.

i admit it. fine.

sure, this is like my twentieth post of the night, but i can't sleep because my fucking pelvis is broken. so poo on you.

i found the most entertaining thing ever: looking through craigslist postings.

look at this:

you can't see it, but on the bottom, after location, it says: in the woods.

you know what's cool?

not being like these kids. by which i mean, not being in jail.

quentin, why?!?!?!? we watched you learn to ollie. why?!?!?!??

video of the year

this is what you get, clicking on links at 3 am. i almost peed myself laughing.

and no, i'm not obsessed with corn. i don't even have any beef with the guy. in fact, i'm stoked on him. it's just that he's such a hilarious character. he's like a myth, much like the jackelope, except he's a real person. david, if you're reading this, keep on doing your thing, man. it keeps us all entertained.

you hear a lot about

obama vs mccain, right? i say: who cares. nobody gets my vote until there's a constitutional amendment. you know the one i'm talking about. i'm asking--how do we get this guy in office?

a flex of those biceps and the middle east crisis is over.


well. i said i was sick. now i'm better. but in the morning i'm headed to the ER to get an x-ray, because i think my pelvis is fractured.


on another note, i don't know how many of you watch the office, but i'm totally gay for it. and am i th eonly onw who thinks that pam is going to cheat on jim with her chubby friend? the suspense!

and for those of you who watch it, here is pam's summer project:


magic eye

i made some of my own. maximize!


remember those magic eye things? how you'd stare at them for hours? some people can never get them. but for those of you who can-- here's a message for you. click to maximize.


i found a bunch of unused footage of everybody on my computer. so i threw together a quick fun-tage. enjoy.


my day just got a bazillion times better.

speaking of which, corn has a blog, http://www.cornscloset.blogspot.com/ and all he does is make fun of how lame people are. irony persists....

i quote corn from his blog: "Spot searching now consists of look for pole jam wallrides, cellar doors, things with roll up doors in the background. Anything that makes your footage look urban."

for those uninformed, in case you don't know why this is funny, corn bought a fake cellar door off the internet to set up at spots so they look "urban."


irony persists....


i'm sick right now. come pity me.

so of course i do the worst possible thing--i watch old cardiel parts. i want to push full-speed down a hill right now.

so... poop.

cow love

i wish i could be as happy with anything as this lady is at doing her job.

or this guy.

the first cow looks pretty stoked, too. i don't know about the second one.

you're talking backwards

the gonz. take notes. this is skateboarding.

that's 'freedom fries' by the way

sunglasses at night

tonight shawn, jonny, steve and i had a late session at the 6th street strip mall. we were skating it like a manual pad, going in and then out, when this crazy black dude shows up with a boom box on his shoulder, wearing sunglasses at 2 in the morning. first off, he sells the glasses to jonny. then he starts judging our tricks, awarding us points as we skate. he amped us all up; we all landed new tricks: jonny got a kickflip manny impossible, shawn got a manny kickflip, and i did a nose manny around to nollie fs bigspin. but steve was judged the winner with 5 points for his flip steeze. congrats, steve!!!!

the guy's name is jack. if you see him, give him props, he'll give them right back.


if i'm ever reincarnated, i'd like to be born as one of these.

World's Most Fearless Animal - Watch more free videos


it's over. we had a great time, and to all you who didn't come, you suck.

first place--evan
3rd--mike stanley

now get ready for the next one.

cage match

it's coming up, 3 days away. make sure you've got your chops up. the prizes are ready, make sure you are.

weep for the trees

this is amazing. i'm sorry, but listening to them cry makes me so happy.

Hippies Wail for Dead Trees - Watch more free videos

it's going down

that's right. be there. everyone who reads this and skates, call me up and come.

the ramp champ

we're throwing a miniramp contest in t-minus 2 weeks, called 'the cage match', at the cage (eastside). 3 bucks to enter, 1st place wins a deck, runners-up win beanies and other random shit. date: TBA. fogt, come on down.