just watch, stolen from tws, f'in hilarious.

guess what--



evidence that i do indeed know how to do real tricks on a skateboard. i forget sometimes, after i spend about a month doing wallies and powerslides.

our last days as children

my last night of skating at home, with will. by the wy, will was the victim of a hate crime today, he was arrested while me and jon weiss, another white guy, got away scot free.


more from my new favorite skaters. far east skate network--remember that, people.

hello, monstrosity, do you know the times?

coolest thing ever: monstropedia. it's just what it sounds like.

fuck richie jackson

going japanese

static 4: little tokyo? who knew the japanese skated like grungy new york bobby puleo-types. this got me officially psyched.

where is this spot?!?!

yo somebody tell me where this spot at UF is. it's in this crappy video of little kids skating at the 30 second mark. tthey're skating this 5 set or whatever, but right before it on the wall is a tight mini quarter pipe you could carve into, then hit the stairs right after. neat huh.... yell it at me in the comments!!!

on a different note, this is the hundredth post. let's celebrate.

top 10

top ten reasons why the US will beat china in the 2008 olympic games:

1. michael phelps. in 5 tries, 5 gold medals and 5 world records.
2. women's gymnastics. i know, they didn't win, but they actually have boobs; while the china team is comprised of freakish mutant 10 yr olds.
3. small wiener complex. that's the only reason china is so hell-bent on winning--to make up for their inadequate size. but every time they're in the locker room, they get knocked back down to their place.
4. michael phelps. have you seen his feet? they're like flippers.
5. better coordination. sure, they may be ninjas, but we have a wider range of vision, in the up-and-down regions. plus we have better vantage points.
6. michael phelps.
7. michael phelps.
8. we have morgan freeman as our official narrator. and he once played god.
9. michael phelps.
10. even if we lose, they still have small wieners.

dj isles

i stole this from jakey's flickr page.

now that you mention it, i AM a pretty cool american.

speaking of americans, are you guys watching the olympics? phelps is a madman. for every event so far, he's won gold, and set a new world record. he makes me feel like a pretty lame dude. i've only set two world records....

worst week ever

this is not a good week for black people. a couple days ago morgan freeman was hit by a car. yesterday, bernie mac died of pneumonia. and today isaac hayes is dead.

mr. freeman, please recover. without you, who will narrate our lives?

olympic ripoff

my mind was just blow. on the olympics, there was this profile-thing on a chinese diver, and the special was a direct ripoff of guy's part if fully flared. the song, the editing, the slow-moe, the door opening, the music starting with diving in fast time....

i guess sometimes the olympics needs help being cool. thats why they wanted skating there in the first place.

ah'll be bock

i'm just going to say this: if arnold isn't in the new terminator movie, i'm not going to see it. period.

skater boi

the definition pulled from

read the q&a. lord, is it true.

6. skater boi

An idiotic boy who enjoys activities such as skateboarding. They are usually very self-centered and like to shout "Dude that was fat!" every time someone does a cool stunt on their skateboard.

Question: How many skater boys does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Answer: Four. One to screw in the lightbulb, two to video tape it at different angles, and one to say "Dude that was fat!!!"

koki the movie star?!?!?

i was watching the scorcese film 'bringing out the dead' and saw this:

mr. loaiza, who's your agent?


don't ask by what process this came by. i carried my camera along while walking my blind old dog, and it turned into something foreboding....

isnt it funny what a creepy song can do to something like walking a dog?


i saw this years ago and loved it, and never knew it was spike.


watch this. gotta be the gonz.

and an ikea ad by spike.

and one of the best ad spots ive ever seen, for adidas

and this of spike, in his video for a fatboy slim song, will make you die laughing, i swear.

wait for the b-boy moves.

spike jonze is a fucking genius

and right now he's just finished post-production of his vision of the classic story, 'where the wild things are.' here's a leaked screen test:

watch it!!!

but there's really bad news. warner bros has decided that spike's film is too dark for them, and they're planning to cut the entire film--which is finished--and completely reshoot it. without spike, probably.

so all of you, get up in arms, write in, bitch about it, just generally complain! spike jonze is one of the best filmmakers working today, and they want to cut his entire film so it's more kiddie and commercial.

here's an idea--the test screening of the finished film left children crying. oh yeah.


this dude needs to wake up.

what the f is a richie jackson?

okay, im not the biggest fan of this dude. i think hes pretty wack. but this part made me say 'what the hell?!?!' multiple times out loud.

Richie Jackson And Now

and then you have the buttery-ass malto.

Sean Malto And Now


for some reason these girls are wrestling, and for some other reason one of tem is giving the other the dreaded MANDIBLE CLAW!!!!

does this need explanation?

i can watch this dude walking on flat and i'm stoked.


last night steve said, for the kotr, we should have 'best trick naked' points.

so who's gonna be the filmer for those ones?