here are steve's ideas:

kf front smith/5-0
kf front crook
bs180 nosegrind shuv
hardflip/varialflip/varial heel into any grind
nollie heel into something

360 ollie/nollie
kf disaster
fakie tail shuv out/kf out
treflip fakie

manny: (any of these tricks regs or switch)
halfcab nosemanny 180 out
nose manny and some type of shuvit flip out
manny bigspin
treflip into or out of any manny

flat: (regs, switch, nollie, fakie)
bigger flip (i.e. body 360 board 540)
double heel
inward heel bigspin/hardflip bigspin
late flips of all sorts
any sort of weird flip trick
impossibles (except for johhny)

good work, steve. but whats that fakie tail shit? fs or bs, or even fakie pop to fakie tail, but none of that kindergarten shit. ha!

now: we have a couple teams (of 4) already. there's the tally team: fogt, wu-tang joe, greg, and a mystery rider.

the g-ville/stuville team, as i think it is going to be: me, will, shawn, and steve.

*******shawn and steve, how about you guys rally up four guys to make another team? i'll be in gainesville tomorrow. see you there.